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5 Tips for Entrepreneurs Moving Abroad

Image via Pixabay These days, more and more people are making their living as self-employed entrepreneurs, which means, in large part, that they are location independent and are thus ideally positioned to travel the world, see new places, and set their own schedules and routines while still earning a living. Of course, an interesting parallel… Read More

3 Mistakes That Kill New Business

Managing financial challenges is often the hardest part of starting your own business. If you can’t handle your money properly, you’re going to run into so many issues and it could mean the end of your business entirely if you aren’t careful. One of the things that new business owners struggle with most is their… Read More

Healthy Ways to Deal with the Stress and Anxiety of Starting your Own Business

Running your own business is tough, but starting it might be a lot tougher for many people. Planning on a new business venture requires you to do a lot of research work, which will definitely keep you busy.  You would want to start your business on the right step and to do that you need… Read More

Guide to Starting Your Business Today with our Free, Plug-and-Play Forecast and Risk Modeler Templates! 

Why Businesses In Specific Sectors Are More Likely To Succeed – II Get your free, editable Growth/Forecast Charts and the Risk Assessment Modeler. Just plug in your values and start playing! (Written by TIB co-founder) In the February of 2015, I was part of the 3 Day Startup Bootcamp at University of North Alabama, Florence. The… Read More

4 Reasons Why Corporate Investment ISN’T Risky

  For small business owners, investing in options, real estate, precious metals or anything else is overlooked. People whose lives and careers depend on the success of the company don’t want to take the risk. And, therein lays the pejorative term SME owners use as an excuse not to invest. It’s a gamble and one… Read More

Your Business Is Leaking Money, And Here Are The Main Culprits

One of your key concerns, as the owner of a business, is your cash flow. This is a term that describes all the money in your company. More to the point, it’s the amount of money coming and going from your business. Ideally, you want a positive cash flow as this means more money is… Read More

The Cakery’s Scrumptious Cupcakes Review!

It’s Small Business Weekday at TIB and we bring you a small business we recently discovered and absolutely loved! Natalie Rose runs her baking business out of her home in Connecticut. I discovered her business, The Cakery while browsing online to order custom birthday bakes for my boyfriend. I found a few and after a… Read More

3 Best Practices for Responding in a Public Relations Crisis

When you own a company of any size, a public relations crisis is one of your worst nightmares. Most companies hope that these problems will never affect them, and they may even take steps to prevent them from happening. Unfortunately, these crises can occur at any time even with the best preventative measures, and you… Read More

A Guide to Choosing the Right Hotel for your Next Business Trip

Finding the right hotel for your business can be hard work and this is especially the case if you are traveling on your own. You may feel as though nothing you see is worth the money and you also need to make sure that you are in a good location for meetings as well. The… Read More

Atlantic City Diaries: An afternoon at the Bungalow Beach!

A couple of weeks ago the boy and I took a vacation at Atlantic City, New Jersey. We practically drove through and covered 3 states; Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York in a span of 3 days because we live and work in the east. We will share detailed posts for the entire trip but for… Read More

A Quick Guide To a Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia

A week ago I was invited for a spontaneous road trip to Atlanta with friends. Owning to the amazing weather the weekend had to offer, I agreed at once. We rented an Audi Q5 and started from Charlotte on Friday evening. Since we had plans of sightseeing and partying all on the same day, I… Read More

7 Weekend Rituals You Must Follow to Make the Week Ahead Super Easy

  The pattern of my weekdays have been in constant flux as I transitioned from grad school to working days. Earlier, as a graduate student my weekdays started super early with me getting to lab or work at 7 am. I used to squeeze in a nap in the afternoon and then proceeded to the… Read More

Your Most Powerful Business Asset

Image Credit   Having a highly focused niche market in which you operate your business is by far your most valuable asset, as it reduces the cost of marketing dramatically, increases your prominence within your marketplace and can lead to you being viewed as a leader in your field and the go to expert within… Read More

What Is Cryptocurrency? A Guide For Beginners

Hearing the word ‘cryptocurrency’ of late has seemed like a bit of a buzzword. It has been online and in articles, but what do we really know about it? For some it can seem like a bit of a twenty-first century unicorn, but could it be the money of the future? Unless you’ve done your… Read More

4 Ways to Manage Your Money When Travelling

If you are big on making travel plans, you must have already started planning for your 2018 trips! Saving up the cash, picking out destinations, packing and setting out to explore the world is exciting and invigorating. Although, planning for a trip is fun but it can be stressful to figure out the logistics. Money… Read More

5 Smart Ways to Save On Travel!

This is the time of travel and last minute holiday plans. If you already have your 2017 year end travel planned out, it’s not too early to start planning for your 2018 trips. As graduate students living in different cities in the U.S.A., my fiancé and I had to figure out inexpensive ways to plan… Read More

5 Reasons it’s Smart to Buy a Ready to Occupy Property!

Why it’s important to make sure you have all your bases covered; from usability, saving on taxes and payments! Read More

Holiday Goodies for TIB readers!

As promised, here are some holiday goodies for our readers!   Want to start a new career in 2018? We are launching a rather ambitious project over at the TechGirl Journal to bring free #codeforhealth help for non-programmers and biologists! If you are looking for a job change, we have you covered with our free… Read More

How to Make Your Small Business Boom

Starting a small business can be difficult, but there are some key things to keep an eye to make it boom. Small businesses do work in different ways from larger ones, although they do have a lot in common. Here are some ideas to make sure your business is on track, and will have the… Read More

How to Reduce Costs of Small Business Promotion

A small business means a small budget. A small budget means a limited range of strategies, tools, and ways in which the business can be promoted. However, if you want to raise brand awareness and get your products or services to reach people, you have to show them that you exist. While you’re letting them… Read More

How to Use Competitors to Benefit Your Business?

Having a competitor makes a business interesting, as without an opposition you cannot feel the progress, success, and winning. Entrepreneurs would never put that much dedication and passion into their work without a competitor constantly at their back trying to leave them behind in the race of time. Having a competition is sometimes a tough… Read More

It’s Small Business Saturday and We Have Something Exclusive For You!

I wrote an article recently on how I blogged my way through graduate school in America. The article got quite a lot of interest and readers wrote to me about their plans of starting a small business or a blog but are sometimes clueless where to begin. We have always been a huge supporter of small… Read More

Make the most out of your office space and increase productivity

All work and little workplace interest can turn an average employee into a pretty unmotivated creature, and every manager knows that lack of work enthusiasm is a shortcut to disaster. For this reason, the world’s most successful corporations treat workplace design as one of the top priorities for long-term sustainability, growth, and employee satisfaction and… Read More

Turning New Business Ideas Into a Reality

Are you sitting on a business idea that you reckon could be successful? Perhaps you already own a business but have an amazing plan on how you can diversify your range of products. Sadly, it’s hard to turn ideas into fully-fleshed out plans that are carried out and eventually turned into a reality. It should… Read More

Revealed: Alternative Solutions To Common Small Biz Problems

Anyone who says that the road to business success is easy is either a liar or got very, very lucky. The fact is that launching and running a business isn’t easy, far from it in fact. Often running a business throws up all sorts of problems, many of which aren’t easy to deal with –… Read More

Fashion Gone Mobile: Find Out How This Chic Enterprise Works

The day started like any other week-day in the life of a full time grad student, apart from the fact that I was trying to balance my online business and my job, looking for the next big business and enterprise idea to write about when I spotted them! A tiny fleet of colorful trucks lined… Read More

What to Pack for a Day Long Business Trip

I have been a professional blogger for a little over 2 years now, and during that time I have also been a full time graduate student and research assistant at my university. I have moved around and travelled a lot in my twenties so far, and the most I have stayed at a place has… Read More

5 Steps To Transforming a Living Space into Something Spectacular!

I had been dreaming about my own little studio apartment with a cozy nook for all my creative endeavours, for as long as I can remember! A small, cozy place of my own where everything would be perfect. When I did get my dream house, it was time for me to pull out my décor… Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Funding Your Entrepreneurial Plans

Financing your business idea is never simple. However, it needs to be done because no business idea can succeed unless it has money behind it. Like it or not, that’s just the way things work in the world of business. However, there are plenty of options for people out there who want to get their… Read More

The Things You’ll Wish You Had Known Before Starting Your Own Business

Owning your own business could be one of the best things that you ever do. Being able to work your own hours, do something that you really enjoy, as well as working hard and getting to reap all of the benefits, are some of the best things about it. Having said that, it is a… Read More

The Rise Of The Artisan Brand: Starting Your Small Online Business

With a growing demand for independent brands and investing in local business; there’s no better time to start thinking about using your talents to make money. The American public is becoming more and more savvy about where and how they source their products which has resulted in a fresh need for smaller enterprises to emerge… Read More

Knitting Out Your Business Space On A Budget

Source   When you first decide to go into business for yourself, it’s likely that you know it’s going to be a lot of work. With writing your business plan and coming up with the capital, you’ve got enough on your plate. But as soon as the ball starts rolling, you have to be able… Read More

How To Make Sure You’re Covered Abroad

Image Source   Going abroad, whether you’re traveling on the rough roads or if you’re staying in a resort, is a brilliantly fun thing to do. Getting to stay in another country and experience their culture and customs is an incredible experience and often changes the way you view the world, but it does come… Read More

On the House: How to Use Your Home in the Sharing Economy

There is no doubt that owning property is a financial investment that is often celebrated as being a very wise one to make. But since the dawn of the sharing economy, there are now more ways than ever to make money by utilising different parts of your home. There are plenty of ways that you… Read More

5 Ways Your Office Could Be Harmful To Your Health

Image Source   Whether you work from a home office, or you work in a huge corporate building, packed full of other people, we all face similar challenges and risks from our offices. When we spend upwards of eight hours in those spaces, they really need to be set up with health and comfort in… Read More

The Smooth Transition Into Working From Home

Image source   Fleeing the dog-eat-dog world of corporate business and starting your own business from home has become a more and more attractive proposition for millions. Think about everything that is bad about working in an office environment, and then think about how amazing it would be to work in a world where these-these… Read More

From Kitchen To The Supermarket: How To Be A Foodpreneur

There has been a boon in food entrepreneurs – or foodpreneurs – in recent years. And if you fancy yourself as handy in the kitchen, perhaps you have thought about joining their ranks. Of course, there is a big difference between recreating your great gran’s best pasta sauce recipe for a dinner party, and making… Read More

Appetite For Success: Getting Started in the Food Business

Many of the highest grossing companies in the world are based around the production of food or beverages. As well as being two of life’s necessities, they are also a chance for entrepreneurs to be creative. Though overnight success is very rare, once a product has been released into the big name supermarkets, it is… Read More

Get Started With The Best Blog Posts!

Science, Tech and Economics Why we age and how can we stop it Thermodynamics and Productivity: How can you use the laws to your benefit! Small Business and Entrepreneurship  3 Day StartUp Experience in Alabama 3 mistakes that kill new businesses Cash flow for your small home based business How to ensure you get paid… Read More

Easy Ways To Slash Your Wedding Budget

It’s true what they say – weddings are expensive. In fact, in the US, it is a lucrative industry. The pressure can be on to have the biggest, best wedding there is, but your budget might not allow for all of those grand plans. It is possible to have the wedding of your dreams without… Read More

Building Your Home The Greatest Travel Adventure Of All

Exploring this amazing planet can fill your life with lots of excitement and joy. However, moving home and starting a family is the greatest adventure of all. The traditional approach is more than enough stimulation for most. But it is possible to take things even further by building your own home. This truly is starting… Read More

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist – To Keep You Sane

Got the glistening rock? Check! Planner ready? Check! Now let’s get down to planning one of the best days of your life. Almost every girl has imagined what her dream wedding would be like. It is a celebration of love which she shares with her partner to bind them forever; so it is only natural… Read More

Cash Flow And Your Home Business – What You Should Know

Whether you’ve got a huge business or, as we’ll talk about here, a home-based business, cash flow is one of the most important things you can focus on. Many businesses do not fail because people stop wanting to work with them – they fail because they simply do not have enough cash flowing through their… Read More

Ensuring You Get Paid As A Freelancer

Photo Source The majority of people find themselves in employed positions, whether they decide to work full time or part-time. There are, of course, plenty of benefits that come hand in hand with being an employee. You have contracted hours, so you know how long you’ll be at work each week. You receive annual leave, allowing… Read More

A Guide To Really Rocking Your HR

We all know that Human Resources is one of the most important parts of any business. But it can be difficult to make sure that you are managing it properly, and that you are doing everything you should be doing which falls under the HR umbrella. Of course, the more you understand here, the better,… Read More