We love organic and natural!

At The Idea Bucket, we believe green is the way of life! We bring you, dear reader, reviews of some great products, create awareness for some upcoming and new products worth checking out while we also bring you content from the world of science that can help us live a more aware existence based on practices derived from common sense.

To start with, here are some latest in the sphere:

A post on practical healthy living and self reliance coming soon!
A post on practical healthy living and self reliance coming soon!


Void Beauty Nail Lacquer review and price

A natural Way to Radiance

Busy girl’s guide to a healthy diet

Upcoming collaborations:

Organic Harvest Sunscreen with SPF 60

My staycation at an organic farm



Food Forests and Feeding the world in 2050

Personalized medicine to be the way of the future?

What is the clean gene technology and why should you know about it?

Urban Farming and Healthy Living

Self reliance via growing your own food

Generating bio-electricity from leaves

What are teratogenic plants and how can they affect your baby

3 ways thermodynamics teaches us how to be productive and creative



Information for Brands:

We have a page dedicated to our readers where we focus on green and sustainable lifestyles and organic/natural products. Our community of 5k followers and several thousand readers are mainly from USA and India. Our USA segment is handled by Co-founder AS PRASHANTH, a MS student based in Aurora, Colorado. Our India segment is handled by me (Ananya). Please e-mail me for more information or for our MEDIA KIT at ananya.mukherjee2013@gmail.com.

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