Write your journal online without owning a blog!

For some of us who like to get our thoughts and little experiences out there, but don’t like the idea of owning and running a blog, turns out, “On My Mind Daily ” a great place to head to! To start with, I found that the site gives you an old-world feel because of its… Read More

The Kernel and The Shell; an account of how the written word has changed my life

Books have always fascinated me and authors have awed me. Whenever I read a good book, I wanted to feel what’s it like inside an author’s head, a mind that shared a bit of it’s soul with us and enchanted us beyond mortal descriptions. I wanted to be one of them. I wanted to write… Read More

Shadow Road:Chapter 1, The die is cast

Read part 1 of Chapter 1 here. Part 2 of Chapter 1. The girl went back to the boat to get started. The fisherman’s wife had been a kind woman. She had convinced her husband to load the boat and let it float for a few metres downstream, guided by the steady and slow currents. There… Read More

Shadow Road; Blurb and Chapter 1

Introducing the preliminary blurb for my new novel, Shadow Road along with a part of Chapter 1(first draft). SHADOW ROAD In a quaint little village, a demon lurks; a dark legend gives birth to a powerful corporation that survives and feeds off trust and imagination. A cruel man consumed with hatred and a desire for… Read More

It’s finally over! A comprehensive account of whats it going to be in 2014

It’s going to be a very personal post today. I have just completed my Masters in Science! These last couple of years felt like an eternity. I presented my MSc thesis “Optimisation of genomic DNA extraction from dioecious medicinal plant, C. grandis for analysis of genetic diversity on the basis of sexual dimorphism by RAPD… Read More

We will be back with a bang! (Here’s something for you while we are away)

Hi readers, My teammates and I have been awfully time strapped of late as we are undergoing a major transition period of our lives. As for me, I am wading in neck deep waters of upcoming finals for my Masters degree. We are planning a new series of incredible (lifestyle, business, economics and related) posts… Read More

The Inspiration for EARTHBOUND

Note: Keeping in mind my original ideas for this blog (started out as “a perspective” to document a writer’s thoughts and perception of the world), I decided to dedicate a few posts every month to “Writing “. And all the rest of The Idea Bucket posts will be delivered as usual.    Well, this is… Read More

10 ways of combating WRITER’S BLOCK while blogging

Since every writer has a block at some point of their lives, the best thing to do then, as some would say, is to get away from writing to unwind oneself. But when the pressure on a writer is tremendous and there is no getting away from the written word, especially in the world of blogging,… Read More

Blog to Book

My Blog to Book project was delayed due to a massive shock I have had recently regarding a famous bookstore in my city which I visited a couple of days ago. It had been a place of solace, a well-laid out arena, laid back and quiet. Outstanding titles ensnaring you towards them, you looking around with a… Read More