Hiking in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado

A group of us cousins and friends went for a hike in the Colorado Rockies during the 4th of July weekend. Of the several hiking trails located in the Rocky mountains, we chose a simple hike to the Bridal Veil Falls located in the Rocky Mountains National Park, a few miles off the Cow Creek… Read More

Is a travel insurance really important?

Being a spontaneous traveller, I have a bit of an advantage of not undergoing the feeling of stress at the thought of taking spontaneous, unplanned trips unlike my mom who loves to visit new places but is completely stressed out at the thought of an unplanned trip. My trips usually comprise of road trips or hopping… Read More

What it takes to relocate to Sikkim, my favourite travel destination!

Did you ever find yourself so irresistibly drawn to a place so much that you wanted to live there forever? I was born in a small town surrounded by hills and have lived there for most of my life before moving to the plains. I feel instantly at home when I am in the hills. Though… Read More

The Spontaneous Traveller: When Plans No Longer Matter!

I have been planning to write this post for months now but never quite got around to it. If you have been reading this blog for sometime now, you have probably figured out that I am a meticulous planner in all  most things in my life. Also, you must have noticed a more general thing… Read More

Classic Car Events Across Europe

By Bradley Taylor For many years motoring enthusiasts have organised a series of rallies, events and exhibitions wherein they can meet with fellow collectors in order to swap stories and mechanical parts, as well as to test the power of their historic vehicles in a variety of endurance and speed competitions. Listed below are five… Read More

Living life my way, Earthbound style

There is nothing more liberating than being educated, healthy, financially empowered and being in the company of like-minded people and having the ability to make informed decisions. This I presume is the recipe for sustained happiness. It was during October, a few years ago when I was 18, that I had visited a community farming… Read More

It’s finally over! A comprehensive account of whats it going to be in 2014

It’s going to be a very personal post today. I have just completed my Masters in Science! These last couple of years felt like an eternity. I presented my MSc thesis “Optimisation of genomic DNA extraction from dioecious medicinal plant, C. grandis for analysis of genetic diversity on the basis of sexual dimorphism by RAPD… Read More

A Query on Interest Rates

A short post today… While I was going around a few sites, working with the financial tools they had to offer, I had a query on differences on interest rates (Read “Understanding interest rates“) “ING DIRECT pays 1.35% interest on savings. So it means that for every $100 saved, I get $1.35 which has a… Read More