What it takes to relocate to Sikkim, my favourite travel destination!

Did you ever find yourself so irresistibly drawn to a place so much that you wanted to live there forever? I was born in a small town surrounded by hills and have lived there for most of my life before moving to the plains. I feel instantly at home when I am in the hills. Though… Read More

Postcards From The Wild

In  the first post of my Sikkim Series, I had sort of mentioned that this small erstwhile Himalayan Kingdom that was annexed to the Indian Union in 1975, was one of the few places I have visited that has left a deep impact on me. Starting with the journey through the treacherous roads (Indo-China trade… Read More

Indra’s Garden

Things have been pretty busy these last few weeks and I am sure our readers have noticed a dearth of posts lately. We are dealing with our university exams at the moment and hope to resume posting on a regular basis around the middle of next week. Thanks for your support. Love you, Readers! Enjoy… Read More