Why Shopping at Marks and Spencer made me go head over heels in love with it

UK high street brand Marks and Spencer has reportedly hard hit during recession. In recent times, they have experimented and forayed in to a lot of earlier untested domains and succeeded. Starting from implementing strategies to coming up with innovative products, it was one of the few brands that took the hit and came out… Read More

A Christmas gift from a writer.

The following is the text from the novel “Earthbound” (excerpt from chapter 13). You can download the book for free only on the 25th December, 2012 from Amazon by clicking here. Have a great vacation!  Mani Shankar sat in the reading room which adjoined the famous artifact store in Paros. During the past few years that he… Read More

A jungle in the terrace

I visited my grandmother’s 150 year old house some time ago. My 8-yr old Labrador, Dino, nudged me to take him upstairs to the terrace where he had spent a considerable amount of his time, playing, as a puppy. Now, being kind of lethargic, he took an enormous interest in observing things rather than sinking… Read More