Business 101: The Ultimate Guide to Starting and Running Your Business!

So, here’s the deal: I am a full time student again! But this time, there’s a huge difference from the last time this happened. I am also a small business owner, the very fact that allowed me to leave my full time job and plunge back straight in to the world of biotechnology and business… Read More

How I negotiated one of the biggest deals of my life

Note: This was written back in my student days. To start with, I was never comfortable with the idea of negotiating when money came in to the picture. I read a few posts by female bloggers that as women, it was quite difficult to negotiate and get a fair deal. I don’t have much idea… Read More

It’s finally over! A comprehensive account of whats it going to be in 2014

It’s going to be a very personal post today. I have just completed my Masters in Science! These last couple of years felt like an eternity. I presented my MSc thesis “Optimisation of genomic DNA extraction from dioecious medicinal plant, C. grandis for analysis of genetic diversity on the basis of sexual dimorphism by RAPD… Read More

We will be back with a bang! (Here’s something for you while we are away)

Hi readers, My teammates and I have been awfully time strapped of late as we are undergoing a major transition period of our lives. As for me, I am wading in neck deep waters of upcoming finals for my Masters degree. We are planning a new series of incredible (lifestyle, business, economics and related) posts… Read More

Does Economics need Physics in order to Create Models?

  All economies and markets are set in motion with relativity and opposite forces that set them towards the unitary goal of all entrepreneurs – Profit. In a market the common goal doesn’t seem common. A unit voting structure will not work as a unit to give aggregated common results. Hence forms the basis of… Read More

Easy steps to calculate your Credit Card Debt

Although many of you might be using certain finance apps to keep track of finances, some might want to calculate your credit card debt manually. Certain search terms prompted me to publish this post on an easy method to follow in order to calculate your credit card debt. Here are the simplest steps to follow… Read More

How your local bank works

We are always concerned about safeguarding things that are our own. So we insure our life, belongings and properties in a nearly futile discourse of permeating what is ours through time. Likewise. banks safeguard our money. The money we earn is under a constant threat of being lost to some external entity. Banks cash on the… Read More

Understanding Interest Rates

Interest rates vary depending on the value and demand for money, after all they’re the rent on capital borrowings. Interest rates, due to their association with the whole macro economic system, are controlled by the Federal/Central bank. The banks strike a balance between maintaining a high and a low interest rate , time bound, to fetch everybody’s wager. High interest rates… Read More