Easy Ways To Slash Your Wedding Budget

It’s true what they say – weddings are expensive. In fact, in the US, it is a lucrative industry. The pressure can be on to have the biggest, best wedding there is, but your budget might not allow for all of those grand plans. It is possible to have the wedding of your dreams without… Read More

My First Expert, My Mother!

I remember when I was young, my family took a holiday trip to Mukutmanipur and we stayed at a resort. After a long day of fun and excitement, everybody gathered around and started planning for the next day. I wanted to put my ideas as well but since I was barely 7, my inputs were… Read More

Why we age? Genes and Mutations Q/A Part 1

If you have read the post on “ Why do we age and what can we do to stop it?” , you might like this Q/A post based on it. This is a series of questions from one of my friend Leah who blogs at “The Modern Idiot “. I attempt to answer the same from… Read More

This is what the death of a close friend taught me about life

He was a good friend who knew my shortcomings and strengths as I knew his. He made me laugh. He supported me. He guided me through my rants on my difficult days. He took my side against his brother. He was going to be my future brother, too. He passed away last night at age… Read More

Thermodynamics and Productivity: 3 ways the laws can be used in personal life

The 4 laws of thermodynamics describe how physical quantities like temperature, energy, pressure, and entropy (degree of randomness of a system) behave under various circumstances and forbid certain phenomena like perpetual motion. We can utilize these very laws to draw an analogy to real life cases and situations and how to deal with them for… Read More