A Query on Interest Rates

A short post today… While I was going around a few sites, working with the financial tools they had to offer, I had a query on differences on interest rates (Read “Understanding interest rates“) “ING DIRECT pays 1.35% interest on savings. So it means that for every $100 saved, I get $1.35 which has a… Read More

Why are companies trying to incorporate the Blue Ocean Strategy

 (Guest post by A. Sri Mukesh) The best atmosphere for a business to run is in a market space where supply is equal to demand. If the position shifts to either side, it will lead into a biased market condition where either the producer or the consumer will have an advantage over his counterpart. If… Read More

Traditional Knowledge and It’s Importance in Child Development

Traditional knowledge (TK) has been an integral part of various tropical societies across the globe. With a rich biodiversity comes a lot of parasites, diseases and pests, environment and life style related difficulties. So, ancient people looked to nature to find the cures and that gave rise to their own traditional practices. Therefore, biodiversity coupled… Read More

Earthbound, IK, TK and Sacred Groves

I started writing Earthbound a couple of years ago and had based it solely on my vivid picturization of India’s north east and also a commercial farming establishment I had visited when I had just started college. It was basically the story of a young girl who finds herself suddenly transported to a laid back… Read More


SECOND IN THE SERIES OF PSYCHIATRIC ILLNESSES, BIPOLAR DISORDER IS BECOMING INCREASINGLY COMMON IN INDIA. Also known as bipolar affective disorder, manic-depressive disorder, or manic depression, is a mental illness classified by psychiatrists as a mood disorder. Psychiatric illnesses have a very thin line of recognition given the fact that the rehabilitation facilities and trained… Read More

Postcards From The Wild

In  the first post of my Sikkim Series, I had sort of mentioned that this small erstwhile Himalayan Kingdom that was annexed to the Indian Union in 1975, was one of the few places I have visited that has left a deep impact on me. Starting with the journey through the treacherous roads (Indo-China trade… Read More

Indra’s Garden

Things have been pretty busy these last few weeks and I am sure our readers have noticed a dearth of posts lately. We are dealing with our university exams at the moment and hope to resume posting on a regular basis around the middle of next week. Thanks for your support. Love you, Readers! Enjoy… Read More

Environmental Degradation and Economic Development

The relationship between environmental degradation and economic development is a hush talk because not many leaders are comfortable talking about it. The need for creation of cheaper products has swelled the sweat shop and orient run manufacturing industry. But the costs were rather huge. Green GDP is the GDP growth rate adjusted to the growth… Read More

What are exchange rates?

Submitted By Mikky Since, the shift towards the floating exchange rate system after 1973, exchange rates have become fluid and have turned susceptible to influence from the farthest of economic factors. Many of us know what exchange rates are; simply that an American Dollar costs 12 Mexican Pesos or that a Euro costs 1.2 American… Read More

Government Investment vs Government Expenditure

(Contributed by Mikky) Back in 2011, during my amateur-eyed, junior year of post graduation in Economics, I had attended a seminar in my department on certain issues of inclusive development. One of the delegates from the Madras Institute of Development who had been instrumental in promoting cash crop cultivation among the tribals in the Araku… Read More