On Financial Discipline: A lesson I learnt from a famous movie

Apart from the other famous quotes in the 1958 movie “The Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” ,this particular line, which,  Elizabeth Taylor’s character, Maggie tells Paul Newman’s character, Brick, “You can be young without money. But you can’t grow old without it,” sort of became a very defining moment for me when I watched… Read More

The Budget Line

Decisions are reflected in purchases than opinions. On a wider note, purchases made are reflections of people’s demands. Consumption is a dilemma of choice.  People  do make wrong choices in commodities. To overcome this dilemma, a consumer stuck between choices can make a budget line so that he does not topple over his financial restraint. Choices… Read More

A jungle in the terrace

I visited my grandmother’s 150 year old house some time ago. My 8-yr old Labrador, Dino, nudged me to take him upstairs to the terrace where he had spent a considerable amount of his time, playing, as a puppy. Now, being kind of lethargic, he took an enormous interest in observing things rather than sinking… Read More