Career Options in the Health Sector

There are so many interesting career options to explore in the health sector. If you want to do a job that helps people, this industry could be the one for you. To help you find which job in the health sector is right for you, here are some of the common career options to consider. Paramedic […]

Why we age? Genes and Mutations Q/A Part 1

If you have read the post on ” Why do we age and what can we do to stop it?” , you might like this Q/A post based on it. This is a series of questions from one of my friend Leah who blogs at “The Modern Idiot “. I attempt to answer the same from […]

Are GEOs going to replace GMOs?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about Genetically Edited Organisms (GEOs) as a ‘safe’ alternative to GMOs where you get a much improved quality of produce by modifying the genes already present in it rather than introducing foreign genes. In case you need a quick idea about what GMOs really are and how […]

We will be back with a bang! (Here’s something for you while we are away)

Hi readers, My teammates and I have been awfully time strapped of late as we are undergoing a major transition period of our lives. As for me, I am wading in neck deep waters of upcoming finals for my Masters degree. We are planning a new series of incredible (lifestyle, business, economics and related) posts […]

Personalised medicine to be the wave of the near future?

I recently came across this article “Genetics Will Change Vaccination and Other Drug Administration” that encapsulates the recent developments in the field of bio-science and medicine and drug administration focussing on a personalized level, tailor-made to suit every individual’s needs and demand throughout their life-time on one of my favourite blogs, Money FYI and thought I […]

What are teratogenic plants and how can they affect your baby?

Recently, we had a pretty good class on teratogens and I thought I ought to highlight some important points today on how they can affect your baby. Read on if you already have a baby or planning to have one some day. In simple terms, teratogens are external agents (natural or synthetic) that can adversely […]

‘Food Forests’ and Feeding the World in 2050

Excerpt from our post, “A step towards collaborative sustainability” written for a collaborative venture, a Helsinki-based start-up called Fajoya. You can find the article here. What are ‘Food Forests’? There are various ways a community can garner a status as a self-sufficient food producing unit. One such community-based collaboration can be in the form of developing […]

Recurrent Miscarriages

Given the increasing rate of miscarriages in our country, recurrent miscarriages is an important cause of concern in specially among the lower socio-economic group. Wikipedia defines recurrent miscarriages as a sequence of three or more consecutive spontaneous abortion before 20 weeks . Scientifically, the fetus is seen as a foreign object (allograft) invading the maternal […]

Traditional Knowledge and It’s Importance in Child Development

Traditional knowledge (TK) has been an integral part of various tropical societies across the globe. With a rich biodiversity comes a lot of parasites, diseases and pests, environment and life style related difficulties. So, ancient people looked to nature to find the cures and that gave rise to their own traditional practices. Therefore, biodiversity coupled […]


SECOND IN THE SERIES OF PSYCHIATRIC ILLNESSES, BIPOLAR DISORDER IS BECOMING INCREASINGLY COMMON IN INDIA. Also known as bipolar affective disorder, manic-depressive disorder, or manic depression, is a mental illness classified by psychiatrists as a mood disorder. Psychiatric illnesses have a very thin line of recognition given the fact that the rehabilitation facilities and trained […]