5 Tips for Entrepreneurs Moving Abroad

Image via Pixabay These days, more and more people are making their living as self-employed entrepreneurs, which means, in large part, that they are location independent and are thus ideally positioned to travel the world, see new places, and set their own schedules and routines while still earning a living. Of course, an interesting parallel… Read More

Code Tutorial #1: Python Code for reading a FASTA file (Bioinformatics)

This is a sample python code for reading genome(NGS, Next generation sequencing) files for bioinformaticians or students interested in this area! Read More

Entrepreneurial Tips For The Young and Hungry

Image source   As any new and ambitious entrepreneur will be able to empathize with, there is such thing as too much information. There you are trying to figure out how to make sense of what you need in your hunt for success, and the internet is making it even harder. You find all the… Read More

Buy An Established Business In 5 Easy Steps

Pixabay.com   One reason why most budding entrepreneurs don’t follow their dream of starting a new business is that they are very aware of all the risks that come with launching a brand new company. To start a new company, you will need a completely unique idea and selling point. If these two things aren’t… Read More

You Won’t Be a Entrepreneur Until You’ve Read This Advice

Stop for a moment and think about all the people in the world. There are roughly 7.5 billion people in the world as of 2017, and that number is set to continue increasing. Out of that ridiculous amount of people, only a tiny fraction of them will become successful entrepreneurs in their lifetime. It’s time… Read More