Maximizing Savings by Linear Programming- Part 2

(FOLLOW-UP POST)   This is the follow-up of yesterday’s post on “Maximizing Savings by Linear Programming- Part 1“.   The problem at hand:   Suppose I am a student earning Rs 20,000 per month from three different part-time jobs and I save a fixed amount per month for a holiday I am planning. Suppose I… Read More

Maximising Savings through Linear Programming

One of Warren Buffet’s Golden Rules about money was to ‘spend’ what is left after saving.   I thought I would dedicate a post regarding a mathematical method of optimising savings without having to curtail basic expenditure.     One of the ways to it can be done is a mathematical method known as ‘Linear… Read More

Government Investment vs Government Expenditure

(Contributed by Mikky) Back in 2011, during my amateur-eyed, junior year of post graduation in Economics, I had attended a seminar in my department on certain issues of inclusive development. One of the delegates from the Madras Institute of Development who had been instrumental in promoting cash crop cultivation among the tribals in the Araku… Read More