Are GEOs going to replace GMOs?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about Genetically Edited Organisms (GEOs) as a ‘safe’ alternative to GMOs where you get a much improved quality of produce by modifying the genes already present in it rather than introducing foreign genes. In case you need a quick idea about what GMOs really are and how… Read More

Personalised medicine to be the wave of the near future?

I recently came across this article “Genetics Will Change Vaccination and Other Drug Administration” that encapsulates the recent developments in the field of bio-science and medicine and drug administration focussing on a personalized level, tailor-made to suit every individual’s needs and demand throughout their life-time on one of my favourite blogs, Money FYI and thought I… Read More

Why are companies trying to incorporate the Blue Ocean Strategy

 (Guest post by A. Sri Mukesh) The best atmosphere for a business to run is in a market space where supply is equal to demand. If the position shifts to either side, it will lead into a biased market condition where either the producer or the consumer will have an advantage over his counterpart. If… Read More

Urban Farming and Healthy Living #1

 This is a part of the “Urban Farming: Self Sustenance and Growing your own Food” series. After Self reliance through Growing your own Food and Tropical Fruits and the City as the first two articles of this series, let me just take this one to put up an introduction to what the policy makers and the… Read More

Defeating the Super-Bug

(Guest Post: Written by A. Sri Mukesh) India is now the host of a new disease which is capable of causing an epidemic. The disease is called CRE (Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae). The term ‘Enterobacteriaceae’ refers to the family of bacteria that are present as pathogens. Infections are often caused by the action of microbes. To… Read More