Earthbound, IK, TK and Sacred Groves

I started writing Earthbound a couple of years ago and had based it solely on my vivid picturization of India’s north east and also a commercial farming establishment I had visited when I had just started college. It was basically the story of a young girl who finds herself suddenly transported to a laid back… Read More

Postcards From The Wild

In  the first post of my Sikkim Series, I had sort of mentioned that this small erstwhile Himalayan Kingdom that was annexed to the Indian Union in 1975, was one of the few places I have visited that has left a deep impact on me. Starting with the journey through the treacherous roads (Indo-China trade… Read More

Africa: A Case Study

(Submitted by Mikky) A few years ago, at a football match, a friend of mine from Tanzania said that the good days for Africa aren’t so far. Many say Africa is poor and have a picture of hungry children in their minds when they think of Africa.  But some do know the prosperous edge of mega cities like… Read More