Are GEOs going to replace GMOs?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about Genetically Edited Organisms (GEOs) as a ‘safe’ alternative to GMOs where you get a much improved quality of produce by modifying the genes already present in it rather than introducing foreign genes. In case you need a quick idea about what GMOs really are and how… Read More

‘Food Forests’ and Feeding the World in 2050

Excerpt from our post, “A step towards collaborative sustainability” written for a collaborative venture, a Helsinki-based start-up called Fajoya. You can find the article here. What are ‘Food Forests’? There are various ways a community can garner a status as a self-sufficient food producing unit. One such community-based collaboration can be in the form of developing… Read More


This is a part of the “Urban Farming: Self Sustenance and Growing your own Food” series. I’ve always been fascinated by my grandmother’s summer and winter gardens in the terrace of her house where I visited everyday as a child. Like I have pointed it out in my previous articles in this series how imperative it is… Read More

Urban Farming and Healthy Living #1

 This is a part of the “Urban Farming: Self Sustenance and Growing your own Food” series. After Self reliance through Growing your own Food and Tropical Fruits and the City as the first two articles of this series, let me just take this one to put up an introduction to what the policy makers and the… Read More

Government Investment vs Government Expenditure

(Contributed by Mikky) Back in 2011, during my amateur-eyed, junior year of post graduation in Economics, I had attended a seminar in my department on certain issues of inclusive development. One of the delegates from the Madras Institute of Development who had been instrumental in promoting cash crop cultivation among the tribals in the Araku… Read More

Self reliance through Growing your own Food

This is the first post of a series I have planned to write on “Growing your own food and Urban Farming“. Well, as an introduction to the topic, I believe a few methods used around the world to increase crop yields is worth mentioning. These methods not only deal with increasing a household’s income, they also contribute enormously to… Read More