Mellow Greens 2020

“The Soil will save us. ”

Kristin Ohlson

The Mellow greens project is an experiment in sustainability and better lifestyle design by city bred folk and father-daughter team in a rural, subtropical farm property. Follow us along on our new adventure! 🙂

A little background:

For some of you who have been reading this blog for a while might remember when I first shared bits about a project very close to my heart and wrote a few articles about it as well. I have been quiet about it since and now find myself in a better position to talk about it again. When I first started planning for this project, I was in my early 20s. Since then a lot has happened, I have received 2 Masters degrees and have worked as a software developer in a hi-tech, scientific research and innovation sector. Having traveled, lived, studied and worked halfway across the world, I recon it is finally time for me to rekindle my pipe dream. I will be helping my father set up this project in the next couple of years. If you are interested you can check back here regularly or subscribe to the newsletter (coming soon!).

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