Free: Coding Tutorials for Beginners!

We are launching a new series on coding for beginner python coding enthusiasts, biological scientists, and bioinformaticians who might feel the need to learn this new skill to keep up with the shifting trends in the field of research and development.

These tutorials are completely free but should not be copied. Please learn from them and implement them in your own work and research.

(Link) Tutorial #1: Python Code For Reading a Fasta File Bioinformatics

Published by Anya

Founder at The TechGirl Journal & The IDEA Bucket ; Anya lives in California while working in the field of Computational Genomics. TechGirl Journal is focussed on the lifestyle of a girl in STEM and tips on how to build a business and a career in tech with a focus on skill-development, interviews, internship, personal projects, and pet-peeves! The IDEA Bucket is focused on small business ventures and practical, urban lifestyles. For specific inquiries, you can e-mail:

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