Fisherman’s Cove: A vacation with an edge.

After months of being bogged down with studies and work, I got an unexpected break. My father simply announced to us that we would be driving off to a new place in the interiors of the country and spend a couple of days there, exploring new stuff. I simply stuffed a few clothes in my [...]

A mid-week read

 I wrote the following piece as a teenager, three years ago. It was then I had started taking interest in people and their varied traits and constitutional attributes. I am sharing a product of one such study on a real subject who believed and acted in the most peculiar ways. Another aspect of this poem [...]

10 ways of combating WRITER’S BLOCK while blogging

Since every writer has a block at some point of their lives, the best thing to do then, as some would say, is to get away from writing to unwind oneself. But when the pressure on a writer is tremendous and there is no getting away from the written word, especially in the world of blogging, [...]

Blog to Book

My Blog to Book project was delayed due to a massive shock I have had recently regarding a famous bookstore in my city which I visited a couple of days ago. It had been a place of solace, a well-laid out arena, laid back and quiet. Outstanding titles ensnaring you towards them, you looking around with a [...]

The Controversial Class: a study in perspective

The creative class is often dubbed as controversial. They are hardly understood and very often misunderstood. But no other 'class' of people can express themselves as the creative people can. This can have both positive and detrimental effects on the person, their family or the society as a whole. Since necessity is the mother of [...]

The Unforgettable Protagonist: Raskolnikov

I read Dostoveysky's Crime and Punishment three years ago, yet a character the author created remains clearly etched in my mind. Rodion Raskolnikov is a protagonist who cannot be easily forgotten. Being described as 'very handsome and extremely intelligent', one would usually have a very positive image about the character. But, the actual case differs. He is [...]

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