How To Profit From The Gig Economy

The Rise Of The Artisan Generation: Your Guide to Tech and Home Based Business Resources!

The current burgeoning gig economy has led to the rise of the techie artisan, among other creative entrepreneur classes.


Custom Image from My Monday Macchiato’s Shop

Combine your handmade cheese with custom, handmade packages with cool graphics, and combine them with the latest and greatest in technology to get your old-world/new-age artisanal product in front of the customer.

A personal touch, imagination and the artisanal approach imperative to tide over current and future turbulent markets!

According to the Harvard Economist, Larry Katz – Well paying jobs of the future will be in the service sector  – and will reward people with whose skill and personal touch set them apart.

According to the Future of Small Business report:

“The coming decade will see continuing economic transformation and the emergence of a new artisan economy. Many of the new artisans will be small and personal businesses — merchant-craftsmen and women producing one of a kind or limited runs of specialty goods for an increasingly large pool of customers seeking unique, customized, or niche products. These businesses will attract and retain craftspeople, artists, and engineers looking for the opportunity to build and create new products and markets.”

The expansion of the gig economy has taken the world of millennials by storm and no matter where you are on this spectrum; this new age economy has led to the rise of unconventional businesses and unconventional jobs. The best part is, you only need the skills you already have, add some know-how and you are ready to get in the game = and succeed!

How do you create a sustainable business in the 21st century?

As millennials, our focus has always been skill-intensive development. Following the economic recession that put a heavy burden on those of us in school and university back then, we quickly realized how imperative it was to not depend on a 9-to-5 based sole source of income. Like many others, we set out to diversify our skills as well as income streams. Though it has been a tough ride with a lot of learning, we created a skill-set and a business that would help us glide smoothly into our 30s and beyond.

In this age of automation, we chose to work on a set of skills (people, technology, and business) that is designed to help you learn a new tech-based skill and launch a new business or career.

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