4 Ways to Manage Your Money When Travelling

If you are big on making travel plans, you must have already started planning for your 2018 trips! Saving up the cash, picking out destinations, packing and setting out to explore the world is exciting and invigorating. Although, planning for a trip is fun but it can be stressful to figure out the logistics. Money… Read More

A Year Of Travelling: Is It Possible?

Source   For many of us, a holiday is a period when we can relax, see the world, and forget about our everyday worries — for a couple of weeks. Then we have to come home and cope with the return to normal life, a process that few of us find enjoyable. While being able… Read More

Brave New World: Should You Consider Living Abroad?

There are a lot of people who would happily spend their entire lives in one place, never leaving the town, they were born in or seeking out new experiences any further afield. Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with it, as the old saying goes, different strokes for different folks, but for many other people, there’s… Read More

How To Make Sure You’re Covered Abroad

Image Source   Going abroad, whether you’re traveling on the rough roads or if you’re staying in a resort, is a brilliantly fun thing to do. Getting to stay in another country and experience their culture and customs is an incredible experience and often changes the way you view the world, but it does come… Read More

India for Technology, India for Gripen: Why India does not need the F-16!

This is a personal opinion article written by the TIB team-member, AS Prashanth. If you have anything valuable or substantial to add, either for or against, please comment below. Profane and unsubstantiated comments will not be moderated and will be deleted right away. Why are warplanes so important for a country that talks about being… Read More

3 Hidden Himalayan Gems you should consider visiting this summer!

Vying for a vacation in summer whilst you work away the summer months? If a homestay in the hills amidst rolling tea gardens or orchards is your idea of a perfect summer getaway; here’s a look at some hidden gems in the hills up north you can check out right now! Narkanda A small town… Read More

Backpacker’s Accomodation

Travelling the world is an exciting opportunity that not many people get to experience. You visit new places, meet new friends and encounter new cultures. But before you can enjoy everything the world has to offer, you need to consider your accommodation options. There are a variety of different accommodation types for backpackers to consider,… Read More

Ahoy There Matey! Everything A Wannabe Sailor Needs To Travel The High Seas

Photo   There is nothing better than roaming the seven seas aboard your own boat and living the life of a pirate. The freedom and the tranquility make for an unreal experience for any self-respecting traveller. But, before you finally walk the plank and take the plunge, there are a few things you should know… Read More

The Offbeat Traveler or The New-Age Globetrotter: This Airline will take you places!

Antananarivo. A name that instantly ignites the imagination. For those for whom the world holds no bounds and travel is a lifeline, it might just be the idea of a perfect destination, away from the regular sights of places frequented by tourists. With the 27 year old traveler, Cassie De Pecol becoming the first person… Read More