The Gig Economy for Travellers

Image Credit   The prospect of travelling the world is a prospect many of us relish, however, the cost of doing so can be prohibitive which is why it pays to think about how to earn money whilst travelling the world.   With the opportunities offered by the digital revolution, this has led to a… Read More

Going Home for Durga Puja!

With Durga Puja heading our way quickly, it was time for me to pack up my suitcases, gather my presents and head home to celebrate with my family in Chennai. I was sitting in front of my laptop, looking for flights to Chennai while on the call with my mother discussing the arrangements, the Pandals we were planning on… Read More

10 Personal Finance Tips For Managing Money When Traveling

Planning on exploring new scenic valleys this summer or are you ready to soak up the sun and water by the beach? But before you get your summer tan just right, pack up your bags and head out the door, might we suggest a few tips that will help you manage your finances for a stress-free holiday? In… Read More

How To Work Successfully On The Move

Want to travel but can’t afford not to work? These days you can have the best of both worlds. The rise of digital entrepreneurship and freelance culture means it’s easier than ever to be able to work while traveling the world. Image Credit: Kaboom Pics under Creative Commons   It’s not a lifestyle for everyone,… Read More

A Guide to Choosing the Right Hotel for your Next Business Trip

Finding the right hotel for your business can be hard work and this is especially the case if you are traveling on your own. You may feel as though nothing you see is worth the money and you also need to make sure that you are in a good location for meetings as well. The… Read More

Atlantic City Diaries: An afternoon at the Bungalow Beach!

A couple of weeks ago the boy and I took a vacation at Atlantic City, New Jersey. We practically drove through and covered 3 states; Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York in a span of 3 days because we live and work in the east. We will share detailed posts for the entire trip but for… Read More

A Quick Guide To a Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia

A week ago I was invited for a spontaneous road trip to Atlanta with friends. Owning to the amazing weather the weekend had to offer, I agreed at once. We rented an Audi Q5 and started from Charlotte on Friday evening. Since we had plans of sightseeing and partying all on the same day, I… Read More

7 Weekend Rituals You Must Follow to Make the Week Ahead Super Easy

  The pattern of my weekdays have been in constant flux as I transitioned from grad school to working days. Earlier, as a graduate student my weekdays started super early with me getting to lab or work at 7 am. I used to squeeze in a nap in the afternoon and then proceeded to the… Read More

4 Simple Outfit Ideas for the Busy Girl!

Simple outfits when done right can go a long way. I like the ease of a living with a capsule wardrobe with classic and regular pieces that go well together. Here’s a glimpse of some basic outfits that go a long way whether you are brunching on a Saturday, or just strolling by the lake… Read More

Why Indonesia Is The Place To Visit This Year

Image   Indonesia is a collection of diverse and tropical islands situated in Asia. The country has a staggering number of islands within its borders and offers some stunning landscapes, amazing experiences and beautiful weather all year round.   If you have thought about travelling at all this year you may be already trying to… Read More