Code Tutorial #1: Python Code for reading a FASTA file (Bioinformatics)

This is a sample python code for reading genome(NGS, Next generation sequencing) files for bioinformaticians or students interested in this area! Read More

It’s Small Business Saturday and We Have Something Exclusive For You!

I wrote an article recently on how I blogged my way through graduate school in America. The article got quite a lot of interest and readers wrote to me about their plans of starting a small business or a blog but are sometimes clueless where to begin. We have always been a huge supporter of small… Read More

Raising Cash For Your Startup Whatever Your Credit Score

When you’re funding your first venture raising the capital to make your startup take flight can be a difficult and stressful prospect. When you’re just starting out you’re an unknown commodity and if there’s one thing investors hate it’s unknown commodities. However brilliant your business idea, however confident you are in your product it can… Read More

Building a New PC? Avoid these Rookie Errors! 

As a millennial PC buyer, it can be frustrating to try and find a computer that really meets your needs. Today’s computer buyers have entirely different requirements to buyers 10 years ago. More and more young people are creating art and music professionally, as well as striking out to create their own businesses. Even if… Read More

Why Do You Need To Get Your Business Online!

Businesses in the 21st century cannot survive without an online presence! It does not matter is it’s a large company or a tiny enterprise run out of someone’s garage. No business can survive in an off the grid mode. Whether your large business needs facilitation in terms of day to day operations, accounting systems, human resources or… Read More

India for Technology, India for Gripen: Why India does not need the F-16!

This is a personal opinion article written by the TIB team-member, AS Prashanth. If you have anything valuable or substantial to add, either for or against, please comment below. Profane and unsubstantiated comments will not be moderated and will be deleted right away. Why are warplanes so important for a country that talks about being… Read More

Is Your Company On Top Of Essential IT Tasks?

There are almost no businesses operating today that can survive ‘off-grid’. IT is deeply embedded within companies and facilitates most of the day-to-day activities of any business. Accounting systems, HR, marketing and sales all rely on a number of software programs or apps to work. Even your customers need reliable IT provisions from you so… Read More

Up Sticks To Raise The Stakes: Relocating Your Business

It’s a great sign that your business is going in the right direction. Relocating to a larger premises or moving to a more lucrative part of the country means that you have the finances to increase your business capabilities, and it means that your small business isn’t so small anymore. Your efforts in upscaling have… Read More

Ingredients Of Highly Effective Websites

Credit: Pixabay   No matter what you’re selling or how much experience you have in the industry, your website is going to be critical to the success of your business. Website standards have come a long way over the past few decades, and today it’s almost a given that your site will be easy to… Read More

You’re Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link

It’s usually pretty straightforward to know what the strengths of business are, because they’re usually set by the business owner. Whatever their area of expertise is is typically what that company excels at. However, that will only get a business so far. Like everything else, a business is only as strong as its weakest link.… Read More