9 ways builders can hoodwink home buyers and what you can do about it

Sometimes, (and in some places) the lack of regularization of the real estate sector and given the poor state of management by the Municipal Authorities, individual property buyers carry great risks even with  the better known builders. Here are some ways in which the builder can hoodwink the gullible buyer and deliver much less than… Read More

7 Hacks to get a chic wardrobe without breaking bank

I came across this article from Rewardme “10 savvy money saving tips for shopping” that makes some pretty valid points like: Two jobs in one: Buying something that serves more purposes than just one. Read product labels and packaging: A garment with a “dry clean only” label will add up eventually in the form of a great maintenance bill. Lastly –… Read More

Is a travel insurance really important?

Being a spontaneous traveller, I have a bit of an advantage of not undergoing the feeling of stress at the thought of taking spontaneous, unplanned trips unlike my mom who loves to visit new places but is completely stressed out at the thought of an unplanned trip. My trips usually comprise of road trips or hopping… Read More

10 reasons why “Asus Zenfone 2” should be in your wishlist!

Being a lifestyle blogger who’s always on the go, I need a smartphone that is not only super functional but acts as a defining part of my psyche. Here are 10 Reasons why  ASUS ZenFone 2 is on my wish list and should be on yours too!   Image source 1. Having used 3 smartphones till date, I have felt their constraints… Read More

3 Reasons I like ‘MyAirtel’ App

When Airtel launched “My Airtel” app, it was one of a kind. Other telecom operators soon followed suit. I did not think that I would be needing yet another app in my phone, but of late I have increasingly found myself in situations where a handy telecom app would not be a bad thing to… Read More

Try These Online Beauty Products To Look Extra Beautiful!

‘OMG! You are looking so beautiful’. All women love to hear this comment anytime from all whom they like. It makes them feel good and happy. It builds up that extra confidence within them to come forward for any sort of activity. Now, looking beautiful is no more a tedious task. The technology has advanced… Read More