4 Ways to Manage Your Money When Travelling

If you are big on making travel plans, you must have already started planning for your 2018 trips! Saving up the cash, picking out destinations, packing and setting out to explore the world is exciting and invigorating. Although, planning for a trip is fun but it can be stressful to figure out the logistics. Money… Read More

On the House: How to Use Your Home in the Sharing Economy

There is no doubt that owning property is a financial investment that is often celebrated as being a very wise one to make. But since the dawn of the sharing economy, there are now more ways than ever to make money by utilising different parts of your home. There are plenty of ways that you… Read More

Refurbishing A Bedroom On A Budget

Image Source   Want to bring your bedroom back to life, but don’t have the cash to buy new furniture? Here are some adjustments you can make without buying a new bed or wardrobe.   Repair, reposition and repurpose – don’t replace   Simply changing the orientation of your bedroom can have a profound effect.… Read More

You Absolutely Can Get Out Of Debt: Here’s How

Being in debt is a stressful experience. Constantly owing money to creditors can really play havoc with your emotions and your relationships. What’s worse, being in debt is expensive, especially when you consider that the annual rates on some products can be over 2000%. In fact, social scientists have found that being in debt itself… Read More

3 Things I’ve Learnt About Investing

I’ve got to admit, investing is not an area I knew too much about until recently. But, all that has changed since I’ve taken the time to understand how the process works. Investing is always something I’d wanted to try to earn some money on the side. But I’d never plucked up the courage to… Read More

11 Ways I made money on the side as a Student

As a graduate student, I spent a considerable amount of my time developing new skills, developing my network, working on side jobs, starting a couple of small businesses and growing my net worth. As my education was sponsored by the state owning to merit, I did not have to worry about paying tuition. I commuted… Read More

Options To Find Money Fast

For most us, there comes a point where we need to find a substantial amount of cash. Let’s face it, being financially frugal is not easy, and sometimes we can lose sight of our budget and overspend. At this point, we wish would have been more responsible with our cash, or that we could magically… Read More

How to Take the Hard Work Out of Investing

Investing in the stock market or in any other form of investment can be pretty complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how to remove some of the hard work from the process. Educate Yourself Investing is made much more difficult if you have no idea what you’re doing with your investments. This is… Read More

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Move Green

Moving home can be a lot of fun. I was really excited to live in my first home as a proper grown up! It can be stressful too, but it’s always worth it to get into your new place. I sometimes worry about living in a green, eco-friendly way, and moving home doesn’t necessarily fit… Read More

Saving Big on your Software Purchases

No matter what your ultimate financial goals, the characteristics of human psychology (and hence the fundamentals of economics) are driven by the belief in “just” prices. People tend to go to great length to make sure they receive the value for their money, often discounting the time and effort employed. Snagging a deal is a… Read More