A Brilliant Canvas, A Perfect Date and The Ultimate Getaway!

After a series of vacations to go-to places this year, we decided to take a step back and unwind and get away into the mountains for a while. We chose Okemo Valley in Vermont as our destination for the long weekend. And the boy did all the planning and prepping, I decided to gift him […]

FabFitFun Box Unboxing and Review

I love subscription boxes and spend time researching boxes that are a great match for me. I prefer boxes that cover a whole lot of segments rather than just one or two. Being a millennial business owner, I absolutely love the fact that some of these subscription boxes partner with small businesses and local artists. […]

Scotch Whisky: An Ideal Gift for Men!

Looking for the perfect gift for your most favourite guy in the world can be a momentous task for us girls! So what do you get the special guy who might be in to guitars, or developing the latest app that is about to go viral, your best guy buddy, your fiancé or your boyfriend […]

Book Review: Knight of Light

  I recently received a copy of “Knight of Light” by Deirdra Eden to review. Frankly, though I like the action -fantasy genre within reasonable limits, just the vast majority of the books on the subject sometimes makes it a very difficult task to pick up the one book you would really like to read. […]

VOID Nail Lacquer Fall Collection Review

Bold, bright and quirky. That is what the nail lacquers of VOID’s fall season has been about. Earlier, I had reviewed 4 of their beautiful summer shades  and today I am going to review two gorgeous  shades from their Fall collection called Envy which is a rich mixture of moss and emerald green and Silver […]

Setting Up Our New Office; Gearing Up For Business!

For the past few weeks, we have been working on a very special project; our new blog focusing on women’s lifestyle and financial resources. We have hired a new team consisting of writers and a graphic designer and hope to launch the blog and ancillary services in less than a month. Our graphic designer and […]

5 Reasons You Should To Be On ‘Viber’ Today!

Written by Amrita Singh To Stay Connected, Connect to Viber…… In today’s busy and expensive world we want to be connected on a daily basis and for being connected, we find  “Viber” as the right choice. Here’s our review of the features on offer! Viber offers a free, no-strings-attached service that lets you text and […]

The Amazing ASUS ZenMeetUp at Hyderabad!

Its pretty exciting to receive one of those e-mails that ask you to reserve a date in your schedule for a new product launch! So, I wrapped up my work early that week in Kolkata and flew down to my secondary residence in Hyderabad on the morning of 14th. That’s just one of the perks […]

The fastest just got faster: How to make the best of unbelievable speeds!

I have been using an Airtel connection for as long as I can remember. Later when I forayed in to the domain of online entrepreneurship and freelancing, my needs with regards to speed and connectivity on the go for my mobile device kept evolving. The upgrade from the 2G to 3G was a gradual process […]

The Organic Life: Organic Harvest Sunscreen with SPF 60 review

As a part of our latest campaign on organic and natural products, we bring you the Organic Harvest Sunscreen with SPF 60. I was super excited on been sent the product and here’s what you need to know about it. First things first, we know why we need a sunscreen but how does it actually […]