5 Reasons Why A Recession May Occur and How to Prepare for it as a Millennial

If you are among the millennials planning to secure your financial future while working on something you like, welcome to the club! Here at The Idea Bucket, we have the same plan & that’s why we are putting together amazing resources and free tools to help you get ahead with your plan and help chart out… Read More

3 Best Practices for Responding in a Public Relations Crisis

When you own a company of any size, a public relations crisis is one of your worst nightmares. Most companies hope that these problems will never affect them, and they may even take steps to prevent them from happening. Unfortunately, these crises can occur at any time even with the best preventative measures, and you… Read More

How to Use Competitors to Benefit Your Business?

Having a competitor makes a business interesting, as without an opposition you cannot feel the progress, success, and winning. Entrepreneurs would never put that much dedication and passion into their work without a competitor constantly at their back trying to leave them behind in the race of time. Having a competition is sometimes a tough… Read More

It’s Small Business Saturday and We Have Something Exclusive For You!

I wrote an article recently on how I blogged my way through graduate school in America. The article got quite a lot of interest and readers wrote to me about their plans of starting a small business or a blog but are sometimes clueless where to begin. We have always been a huge supporter of small… Read More

A Year Of Travelling: Is It Possible?

Source   For many of us, a holiday is a period when we can relax, see the world, and forget about our everyday worries — for a couple of weeks. Then we have to come home and cope with the return to normal life, a process that few of us find enjoyable. While being able… Read More

The Rise Of The Artisan Brand: Starting Your Small Online Business

With a growing demand for independent brands and investing in local business; there’s no better time to start thinking about using your talents to make money. The American public is becoming more and more savvy about where and how they source their products which has resulted in a fresh need for smaller enterprises to emerge… Read More

On the House: How to Use Your Home in the Sharing Economy

There is no doubt that owning property is a financial investment that is often celebrated as being a very wise one to make. But since the dawn of the sharing economy, there are now more ways than ever to make money by utilising different parts of your home. There are plenty of ways that you… Read More

No Regrets: Budgeting Mistakes to Avoid

Image Source   Do you find that you are never able to stick to a budget? The main reason why people can’t seem to make their budget work, or they give up on their budget is quite simply because their plan is incorrect to start with. With that in mind, read on to discover some… Read More

Preparing Your Employees For An Office Move

Most businesses have to move locations at some point. This may be because you are expanding or because you are changing locations to take advantage of emerging markets. The office that you started your new business in may no longer be suitable for your needs and a move may be inevitable. This is a potentially… Read More

Creative Ways of Boosting Your Resume

If you’re not getting the jobs you’re applying for, it may be time to take a good look at your resume. After all, your resume is often the first contact you have with a potential employer. It’s responsible for conveying all of your skills and characteristics, along with personality traits. If you don’t make a… Read More