The Rise Of The Artisan Brand: Starting Your Small Online Business

With a growing demand for independent brands and investing in local business; there’s no better time to start thinking about using your talents to make money. The American public is becoming more and more savvy about where and how they source their products which has resulted in a fresh need for smaller enterprises to emerge… Read More

How To Make Sure You’re Covered Abroad

Image Source   Going abroad, whether you’re traveling on the rough roads or if you’re staying in a resort, is a brilliantly fun thing to do. Getting to stay in another country and experience their culture and customs is an incredible experience and often changes the way you view the world, but it does come… Read More

8 Unique and Fun Bridal Shower Gifts!

With the wedding season drawing up slowly, many of you have started planning for the perfect wedding. If you are the maid of honour and are looking for the perfect bridal shower gifts for the bride to be, here are a few ideas which may just inspire you. Date night concert tickets With all the… Read More

Brides and Grooms – Make Wedding Planning Less Stressful

Flickr   Is there anything more stressful than planning a wedding? There probably is, but it won’t feel like it at the moment. At the moment, getting your wedding in shape is the most stressful thing in the world. And, that isn’t an over exaggeration. After all, there is a lot to get ready in… Read More

Vacation in California: Sights, Sounds and Experiences

A trip to California  was yet another unplanned, spontaneous trip and my third major travel in December alone while I tread the waters of sole proprietorship in 2015. In fact, this is my first blog post written on foreign soil and frankly I had no idea I would be vacationing in California during the last… Read More

It’s finally over! A comprehensive account of whats it going to be in 2014

It’s going to be a very personal post today. I have just completed my Masters in Science! These last couple of years felt like an eternity. I presented my MSc thesis “Optimisation of genomic DNA extraction from dioecious medicinal plant, C. grandis for analysis of genetic diversity on the basis of sexual dimorphism by RAPD… Read More

Postcards From The Wild

In  the first post of my Sikkim Series, I had sort of mentioned that this small erstwhile Himalayan Kingdom that was annexed to the Indian Union in 1975, was one of the few places I have visited that has left a deep impact on me. Starting with the journey through the treacherous roads (Indo-China trade… Read More

Cost-Benefit Analysis and Decision Making

A visit to your local store is a dialectic war between your wants and necessities. Sometimes you go by fulfilling your necessities and giving up on wants or vice-versa. So all the ways summing up, your shopping experience mostly remains a huge composition of satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Cost-Benefit Analysis offers a great way to render… Read More

The Vintage and Classic Car Rally

The Vintage and Classic Car Rally has been a major attraction to me ever since I was a kid. I wanted to be in Calcutta when the event took place but something always came in the last minute and I couldn’t make it. But last year I finally did. I had no exams or any other… Read More

A jungle in the terrace

I visited my grandmother’s 150 year old house some time ago. My 8-yr old Labrador, Dino, nudged me to take him upstairs to the terrace where he had spent a considerable amount of his time, playing, as a puppy. Now, being kind of lethargic, he took an enormous interest in observing things rather than sinking… Read More