Survival Hax 3-Season Mummy Sleeping Bag Review

  For those who have been reading this blog for a while, you probably know we are huge believers of spontaneous travel and the millennial digital-nomadic lifestyle. Today, we bring you a review of something that goes hand in hand with the adventure lifestyle! Presenting the Survival Hax Mummy Sleeping bag. Receiving this product was a… Read More

5 Steps To Transforming a Living Space into Something Spectacular!

I had been dreaming about my own little studio apartment with a cozy nook for all my creative endeavours, for as long as I can remember! A small, cozy place of my own where everything would be perfect. When I did get my dream house, it was time for me to pull out my décor… Read More

How To Make Sure You’re Covered Abroad

Image Source   Going abroad, whether you’re traveling on the rough roads or if you’re staying in a resort, is a brilliantly fun thing to do. Getting to stay in another country and experience their culture and customs is an incredible experience and often changes the way you view the world, but it does come… Read More

Ethically Farmed Meat is the Right Choice

Source Since shortly after man came on this planet we have consumed meat. How this initially occurred is not understood in any fashion, but if we go back in the human record we find that our ancestors were consuming it thousands of years ago. Since that time humans have learned that meat is a nutritionally… Read More

Installation Tips For Outdoor Gazebos

Source Having a gazebo at your next outdoor trade event is a great idea. Not only will it keep you safe from the elements, it will also look professional and grab people’s attention.  When it comes to setting them up, there are a few things you should be aware of, in order to get it… Read More

3 Hidden Himalayan Gems you should consider visiting this summer!

Vying for a vacation in summer whilst you work away the summer months? If a homestay in the hills amidst rolling tea gardens or orchards is your idea of a perfect summer getaway; here’s a look at some hidden gems in the hills up north you can check out right now! Narkanda A small town… Read More

Making Green From Going Green

Image source   Wind farms seem to be cropping up everywhere, and rightly so. What better way to harness and store power that to use the natural resources provided to us by nature, by the environment. Renewable sources of energy are the future, and that is why they are now sitting off coastlines and stand… Read More

Sand and Soil Foundation Types: Which One’s Are Best?

Every building you have ever walked in to has a foundation upon which it is built. This foundation therefore has to be constructed correctly, efficiently and most importantly safely for it to last. It also need quality sand and soil supplies to coincide. Each type of soil has its own set of properties which can… Read More