Understanding and Dealing with a Narcissistic Partner

Written by TIB Staff Writer In futile attempts, they walk on eggshells, afraid that the partner might be offended. When you overtly try to please them, they accuse you of faking it and when you stop bothering them, the lack of attention might even destroy your relationship. If this sounds familiar, this article is for… Read More

Worrisome World: The Three Anxieties We Face Now

Picture   Let’s face the facts, anxiety is incredibly common nowadays. More people are suffering from a general anxiety, all the way through to people who have to take medication to control symptoms of depression. But it doesn’t have to be a chemical or medical condition, we all can suffer from anxiety in a one… Read More

Laying The Groundwork For Successful Teams

As any entrepreneur will tell you, it’s possible to have a fantastic idea for a new business, and you can plan, strategize, and raise funds to make it possible. But to really make a success of a business, you have to have the right people working with – and for – you.   The strength… Read More

Refurbishing A Bedroom On A Budget

Image Source   Want to bring your bedroom back to life, but don’t have the cash to buy new furniture? Here are some adjustments you can make without buying a new bed or wardrobe.   Repair, reposition and repurpose – don’t replace   Simply changing the orientation of your bedroom can have a profound effect.… Read More

Scotch Whisky: An Ideal Gift for Men!

Looking for the perfect gift for your most favourite guy in the world can be a momentous task for us girls! So what do you get the special guy who might be in to guitars, or developing the latest app that is about to go viral, your best guy buddy, your fiancé or your boyfriend… Read More

Make The Most Of Your Next Camping Vacation With My Top Tips!

Let’s face it; there are many ways to go on vacation. One of the best things to do is to explore the great outdoors of the United States. Camping is by far a fun and affordable way to do that. And, provided you prepare well for your next camping trip, it will be an enjoyable… Read More

How To Make Your Workplace A Nicer Environment For Your Employees

What would you say if we told you that when it comes to your company’s success, your workforce is crucial? Of course, you’d probably say that you already new that, why else would you take so long selecting who to employ. While you may know that your employees are crucial to your success, what you… Read More

Personalised Jewelry Ideas for the Holidays

It’s that time of the year. The holiday season is going to start and we all start to feel that little buzz of excitement building up. For many of us, this is a season of family, parties, celebration, food and gifts. It encourages us to be generous and give to others. It encourages us to… Read More

5 Reasons You Should To Be On ‘Viber’ Today!

Written by Amrita Singh To Stay Connected, Connect to Viber…… In today’s busy and expensive world we want to be connected on a daily basis and for being connected, we find  “Viber” as the right choice. Here’s our review of the features on offer! Viber offers a free, no-strings-attached service that lets you text and… Read More

Sexual Wellness and Happiness

A recent study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University and published in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organisation studied the correlation between happiness and sex in the paper, “Does Increased Sexual Frequency Enhance Happiness?”According to the study having more sex did not necessarily reverberate to more happiness in the couples who were studied.   The… Read More