3 Safe Investments To Help You Save For The Future

When you’re investing money there’s always the fear of recession. Even if you’re investing in a company that has seen steady value increases for years, that could all go south if a recession hits and those stocks drop suddenly. If you want to make sure that you secure your family’s financial future, you need to… Read More

3 Things We All Take for Granted

We live in such a disposable society. We buy a new outfit for one event. If we’re shopping and we spill something, we’ll buy a new t-shirt instead of trying to clean it. We get a new phone every time our contracts expire, and instead of playing video games over and over again, as we… Read More

5 Steps To Transforming a Living Space into Something Spectacular!

I had been dreaming about my own little studio apartment with a cozy nook for all my creative endeavours, for as long as I can remember! A small, cozy place of my own where everything would be perfect. When I did get my dream house, it was time for me to pull out my décor… Read More

Worrisome World: The Three Anxieties We Face Now

Picture   Let’s face the facts, anxiety is incredibly common nowadays. More people are suffering from a general anxiety, all the way through to people who have to take medication to control symptoms of depression. But it doesn’t have to be a chemical or medical condition, we all can suffer from anxiety in a one… Read More

Ethically Farmed Meat is the Right Choice

Source Since shortly after man came on this planet we have consumed meat. How this initially occurred is not understood in any fashion, but if we go back in the human record we find that our ancestors were consuming it thousands of years ago. Since that time humans have learned that meat is a nutritionally… Read More

The Best Team Building Sports For Your Business

It is common knowledge that a team that works well together will achieve the best results, and this is especially true within the workplace. Whether you work in sales and marketing, or retail, or even the hospitality, nothing improves the morale of your employees than an environment in which they feel valued, and an environment… Read More

Strengthen Doctor-Patient Connections Using the Internet

Free Stock Photos   The connection between doctors and their patients is one of the most important – and often underrated! – aspects of successful healthcare. Don’t believe what the television drama House may have relayed to you – a curmudgeonly lack of communication with a patient is more likely to get the patient killed… Read More

Keeping Employees Safe On The Road

Health and safety needs to be on the mind of every employer, there’s no doubt about that. How you handle it depends on the different risks inherent to the workplace. When it comes to a business that takes care of driving of any sort, then you take more risk that most companies. But there are… Read More

5 Ways Your Office Could Be Harmful To Your Health

Image Source   Whether you work from a home office, or you work in a huge corporate building, packed full of other people, we all face similar challenges and risks from our offices. When we spend upwards of eight hours in those spaces, they really need to be set up with health and comfort in… Read More

5 Signs You’re Ready To Move Home

Sometimes, the feeling that we’ve outstayed our welcome in a house that we once considered to be our home can creep up on us. We’ll wake up and suddenly have the epiphany that something needs to change. Our true intentions can’t always be so accommodating, however, and often it’s hard to know what it is… Read More