Going Home for Durga Puja!

With Durga Puja heading our way quickly, it was time for me to pack up my suitcases, gather my presents and head home to celebrate with my family in Chennai. I was sitting in front of my laptop, looking for flights to Chennai while on the call with my mother discussing the arrangements, the Pandals we were planning on… Read More

The Cakery’s Scrumptious Cupcakes Review!

It’s Small Business Weekday at TIB and we bring you a small business we recently discovered and absolutely loved! Natalie Rose runs her baking business out of her home in Connecticut. I discovered her business, The Cakery while browsing online to order custom birthday bakes for my boyfriend. I found a few and after a… Read More

5 Spots That Make Goa the Perfect Place for Party Lovers

Goa is exclusively known as the party capital of India. You might refrain being a part of one when you go there or even from attending one, but somehow you will find yourself grooving at one of the most happening areas of Goa. Source Are you a head-banging Rockstar searching for exceptional music craziness or… Read More

Hottest Food Business Startup Ideas For The Health-Conscious Entrepreneur

The food industry is perhaps one of the best ones to start a new business in. Why is that, you might be wondering? Well, everybody needs to eat at some point in their day! Assuming you pick a profitable niche, you will never need to worry about getting affected by economic issues.   These days,… Read More

How to Pair Meat with the Right Wine

Confused about what wines to serve with your favorite meats. Here is an unofficial guide for which wines will work best over your next meal. Wine with Beef According to experts, when you drink red wine with steak, there are naturally occurring compounds known as tannins that soften the fat in the meat, and release… Read More

From Kitchen To The Supermarket: How To Be A Foodpreneur

There has been a boon in food entrepreneurs – or foodpreneurs – in recent years. And if you fancy yourself as handy in the kitchen, perhaps you have thought about joining their ranks. Of course, there is a big difference between recreating your great gran’s best pasta sauce recipe for a dinner party, and making… Read More

Appetite For Success: Getting Started in the Food Business

Many of the highest grossing companies in the world are based around the production of food or beverages. As well as being two of life’s necessities, they are also a chance for entrepreneurs to be creative. Though overnight success is very rare, once a product has been released into the big name supermarkets, it is… Read More

Modern Businesses, Old Traditions

Ten years ago, entrepreneurs were set on creating a digital business, whether they wanted to provide SEO – Search Engine Optimization – services, web design, or even a complete marketing strategy. The trend was firmly set onto the digital world. This was what the market at the time needed and wanted. But things have changed,… Read More

Live Well: Making Your Restaurant Business A Success

Decide What Exactly You Do Image source   Remember that you need to decide what exactly you want your restaurant to be. It’s much better to have a smaller menu with eight incredible dishes instead of a huge menu full of food that’s only mediocre. If you want your restaurant to have a theme or… Read More

On Your Way To True Freedom

What does freedom look like to you? Is it a house, or a yacht, or is it just being able to rise whenever you please in the morning? Most people consider “freedom” to mean financial freedom, but this is a tricky dream to acquire: because how much money do you need? What tends to happen… Read More