Interested In Investing Stocks? Here’s What You Should Know!

When it comes to investment, there are various areas that you can opt to go into, from stocks and shares to property investment. However, if you are going to ensure that the investments that you are making are wise investments, you need to learn more about which option would be the best fit for you… Read More

Guide to Starting Your Business Today with our Free, Plug-and-Play Forecast and Risk Modeler Templates! 

Why Businesses In Specific Sectors Are More Likely To Succeed – II Get your free, editable Growth/Forecast Charts and the Risk Assessment Modeler. Just plug in your values and start playing! (Written by TIB co-founder) In the February of 2015, I was part of the 3 Day Startup Bootcamp at University of North Alabama, Florence. The… Read More

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Quantative Analyst?

Quantitative analysts, or ‘quants’ as they’re better known, are a key part of the investment industry. They work by minimizing investment risk, while also finding ways to maximize profits on behalf of their firms or businesses. Image: Pxhere   With a lot of money to be made, it’s no wonder that becoming a quant is… Read More

3 Safe Investments To Help You Save For The Future

When you’re investing money there’s always the fear of recession. Even if you’re investing in a company that has seen steady value increases for years, that could all go south if a recession hits and those stocks drop suddenly. If you want to make sure that you secure your family’s financial future, you need to… Read More

India for Technology, India for Gripen: Why India does not need the F-16!

This is a personal opinion article written by the TIB team-member, AS Prashanth. If you have anything valuable or substantial to add, either for or against, please comment below. Profane and unsubstantiated comments will not be moderated and will be deleted right away. Why are warplanes so important for a country that talks about being… Read More

How To Build A Successful Construction Business

The construction industry is a highly lucrative one for those businesses with the right workers and the right business management at their helm. It’s an industry which demands that fine balance between raw, honest, hard work and a price which seems fair in comparison to other big contractors in the industry. It can be hard… Read More

Best College Degrees For Budding Entrepreneurs

There is no set degree to put you on the right path to become an entrepreneur. If you have a great idea, a high school diploma or MBA won’t make much of a difference. That said, there is more to being successful than just having a good idea and hoping that you eventually find the… Read More

How Falling Oil Prices Will Largely Benefit India

The free fall in the price of crude oil has had a dramatic impact on the economies and stock markets of numerous countries worldwide. For countries such as Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Russia, which rely heavily on producing oil to keep the economy running smoothly, the significantly lower price of crude oil over the last… Read More

Tips For Breaking Into The Global Market

At some point, most business owners will want to take their operation to the next level. That means finding more customers, expanding your range, and broadening your horizons. The process is often simple, but there is a lot of information you might overlook. With all that in mind, the article you’re reading today will highlight… Read More

How to Take the Hard Work Out of Investing

Investing in the stock market or in any other form of investment can be pretty complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how to remove some of the hard work from the process. Educate Yourself Investing is made much more difficult if you have no idea what you’re doing with your investments. This is… Read More