Saving Big on your Software Purchases

No matter what your ultimate financial goals, the characteristics of human psychology (and hence the fundamentals of economics) are driven by the belief in “just” prices. People tend to go to great length to make sure they receive the value for their money, often discounting the time and effort employed. Snagging a deal is a… Read More

3 Reasons I like ‘MyAirtel’ App

When Airtel launched “My Airtel” app, it was one of a kind. Other telecom operators soon followed suit. I did not think that I would be needing yet another app in my phone, but of late I have increasingly found myself in situations where a handy telecom app would not be a bad thing to… Read More

Try These Online Beauty Products To Look Extra Beautiful!

‘OMG! You are looking so beautiful’. All women love to hear this comment anytime from all whom they like. It makes them feel good and happy. It builds up that extra confidence within them to come forward for any sort of activity. Now, looking beautiful is no more a tedious task. The technology has advanced… Read More