5 Reasons Why A Recession May Occur and How to Prepare for it as a Millennial

If you are among the millennials planning to secure your financial future while working on something you like, welcome to the club! Here at The Idea Bucket, we have the same plan & that’s why we are putting together amazing resources and free tools to help you get ahead with your plan and help chart out […]

Oops, We’ve Hit A Crisis – Business Recovery

In times of intense difficulty, an entrepreneur needs to how to deal with a crisis to move the business forward. Indeed, a crisis affects the reputation of your company and puts the very existence of your business at risk. Facebook, for instance, took a substantial hit from the data privacy scandal that involved the unauthorized […]

The 3 Necessities For A Modern-Day Construction Business

The construction industry is a very secure one. After all, whether it’s a residential property or a 10-story office building, clients always need things to be built. Still, that means it’s also a very competitive industry. If you want to be successful as a construction business in 2018 then you really need to keep on […]

Embrace The Greed And Get The Leads

  Image Source: Photo of someone working on their computer   When you have your own business, you will always want to make sure that you do all that you can to gain as many customers as possible. Remember that without customers, your company is pretty much non-existent. How do you expect to make any […]

Guide to Starting Your Business Today with our Free, Plug-and-Play Forecast and Risk Modeler Templates! 

Why Businesses In Specific Sectors Are More Likely To Succeed – II Get your free, editable Growth/Forecast Charts and the Risk Assessment Modeler. Just plug in your values and start playing! (Written by TIB co-founder) In the February of 2015, I was part of the 3 Day Startup Bootcamp at University of North Alabama, Florence. The […]

Code Tutorial #1: Python Code for reading a FASTA file (Bioinformatics)

This is a sample python code for reading genome(NGS, Next generation sequencing) files for bioinformaticians or students interested in this area!

Why Businesses In Specific Sectors Are More Likely To Succeed

If you are thinking of setting up a business any time soon, you will probably be keen to know what it is that makes one succeed and another fail. After all, the more you can understand this, the more likely it is that you will be able to make yours succeed in the long run, […]

4 Reasons Why Corporate Investment ISN’T Risky

  For small business owners, investing in options, real estate, precious metals or anything else is overlooked. People whose lives and careers depend on the success of the company don’t want to take the risk. And, therein lays the pejorative term SME owners use as an excuse not to invest. It’s a gamble and one […]

Your Business Is Leaking Money, And Here Are The Main Culprits

One of your key concerns, as the owner of a business, is your cash flow. This is a term that describes all the money in your company. More to the point, it’s the amount of money coming and going from your business. Ideally, you want a positive cash flow as this means more money is […]

The Cakery’s Scrumptious Cupcakes Review!

It’s Small Business Weekday at TIB and we bring you a small business we recently discovered and absolutely loved! Natalie Rose runs her baking business out of her home in Connecticut. I discovered her business, The Cakery while browsing online to order custom birthday bakes for my boyfriend. I found a few and after a […]