Get your Blog up and running TODAY with this incredible offer from Bluehost!

If you have been pondering over starting your blog for recreation, a boost to your business or for secondary income, you should grab this offer from Bluehost that’s running today. They are offering their webhosting for as low as $2.95 for 12 months. They usually charge anywhere between $5-7.99 a month. They are one of […]

Your Daily Writing Sweet-Spot!

“A piece of writing is a dangerous thing. It can change your life.” ~Tobias Wolff People write for a variety of reasons.Writing is an easy way to express one’s thoughts , opinions, perspectives and feelings. Some have stories to tell and some write just because writing makes them happy! Passion for writing can be for anything from […]

Exclusive preview of #Zica from Tata Motors: the campaign, the event and the ZIppy CAr!

Its not everyday you get to visit a tropical beach and holiday paradise to witness the exclusive unveiling of a car that has been making news waves via spy shots and speculations and when you do get the chance you have glorious visions of perfection in your mind and let me tell you it was […]

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to a Successful Online Business

Everybody who wants to go into business for themselves harbour ambitions of being the next big entrepreneur. But, the fact is that only a select few people can actually make it. In order to be one of these select few you need to make sure you embrace the digital landscape. Getting online and setting up […]

Make Your Business More Flexible And You Will Be Rewarded

What would you say if we told you that you could work from home or a beach in a tropical country? But, you could still keep the profitable company that you’re running right now. In fact, you could have that dream and make your currently lucrative business even more successful. You’d tell us we’re crazy, […]

Become The Next Big Entrepreneur With These Awesome Tips

I know what you’re thinking. You’ve just left university or college, and you are thinking about the job market. Perhaps you are staring at job possibilities right now with a look of disdain. Or, maybe you are sitting in your stuffy office wondering why you take orders from someone else when you could do the […]

Gearing up for the Great: Flying to Goa for Tata Motors’ Zica launch!

December is here! It’s also the time of the year when all the excitement bubbles up and spills over. From film festivals, to classic car rallies, music concerts, and from literary events to college fests; this is the time to unwind and revel in all the glory of  life and herald the new. Keeping up […]

11 Ways I made money on the side as a Student

As a graduate student, I spent a considerable amount of my time developing new skills, developing my network, working on side jobs, starting a couple of small businesses and growing my net worth. As my education was sponsored by the state owning to merit, I did not have to worry about paying tuition. I commuted […]

How To Make A Big Noise About Your New Blog

Starting a blog is an excellent way to begin a new business idea. But, there is so much competition out there it can be hard to cut through the vast swathes of noise out there in the blogosphere. You might have heard about bloggers getting tens of thousands of visitors every week – and that […]

3 Communities to Join If You Are Serious About Blogging and Turning It Into A Major Gig!

You are probably using LinkedIn to build your professional network and if you are a blogger or a vlogger and rely on Twitter and Facebook to network, you could try out the following communities in order to expand your network, meet like minded bloggers, participate in fun contests and events, and maybe even win some […]