Opentalk : Social Voice Calling App Review

The new social voice calling app, Opentalk is trying to recapture the forgotten art of having real conversations with people and it’s a lot more sophisticated than the regular social app. Opentalk has video calling facilities and it helps find the perfect pals for you matching your profile and have a meaningful voice conversation over a… Read More

How To Make It As A Successful App Developer In 2017

App development has become very popular in recent times. There are many people that operate as successful freelance app developers, and there are plenty of app development businesses up and running too.   The question is, how can you make it as a successful app developer? Well, follow these three tips, and you’ll find out:… Read More

Has Gaming Become More Socially Acceptable?

A couple of years ago, video gaming used to be something that was seen as a nerdy or geeky pastime that was both a waste of money and time. Gamers were routinely made fun of and there were very few situations in which gaming was socially acceptable. If you asked people what a gamer looked… Read More

The Next Step in Running a Business for Entrepreneurs That Are Always on the Move

So, you’ve seen the business 101 and you’ve turned your dream into somewhat of a reality: you’re the proud owner of a start-up business! First of all, congratulations for making it this far. Second of all, now you must prepare for the hard part: running it and making the business a success. If you want… Read More

5 Reasons You Should To Be On ‘Viber’ Today!

Written by Amrita Singh To Stay Connected, Connect to Viber…… In today’s busy and expensive world we want to be connected on a daily basis and for being connected, we find  “Viber” as the right choice. Here’s our review of the features on offer! Viber offers a free, no-strings-attached service that lets you text and… Read More

Technology in Education; The New Mobile App in town for Parents!

A bulky bear was sitting in front of the fire place concentrating on the crossword puzzles when his wife came into the room looking for him. “I am worried about little Bricks,” she said referring to baby bear. “What has the child done now?” Father Bear asked. “Nothing. That is the point. He comes from… Read More

The New Fitness App in Town; Unleash the Animal Within!

The motivation for the regular grueling fitness regime can sometimes get to the best of us. To pull apart your haywire fitness regime and to inspire you to exercise more, two fitness enthusiasts have come up with an app that motivates you, helps you challenge others, and hold yourself accountable for your progress and the… Read More

3 Reasons I like ‘MyAirtel’ App

When Airtel launched “My Airtel” app, it was one of a kind. Other telecom operators soon followed suit. I did not think that I would be needing yet another app in my phone, but of late I have increasingly found myself in situations where a handy telecom app would not be a bad thing to… Read More