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‘Food Forests’ and Feeding the World in 2050

Excerpt from our post, “A step towards collaborative sustainability” written for a collaborative venture, a Helsinki-based start-up called Fajoya. You can find the article here. What are ‘Food Forests’? There are various ways a community can garner a status as a self-sufficient food producing unit. One such community-based collaboration can be in the form of developingContinue reading “‘Food Forests’ and Feeding the World in 2050”

Thermodynamics and Productivity: 3 ways the laws can be used in personal life

The 4 laws of thermodynamics describe how physical quantities like temperature, energy, pressure, and entropy (degree of randomness of a system) behave under various circumstances and forbid certain phenomena like perpetual motion. We can utilize these very laws to draw an analogy to real life cases and situations and how to deal with them forContinue reading “Thermodynamics and Productivity: 3 ways the laws can be used in personal life”

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