6-figure-tech Ebook

Ananya has over 5 years of experience as a software engineer/consultant. She also has a MS in an advanced science and has created businesses that have helped her through grad school and beyond .

In the book, 6-figure-tech, she walks though the journey of making 6 figures in your in tech. Here’s a little secret- you don’t need years of experience or a degree in tech to do it. She lays down the exact steps she used to leverage her science background to bring in 6 figures in consulting as a software engineer in her 20s.

She also talks about investing and saving money as a digital nomad — she does not believe in living on a lean diet of rice and beans, even when you bring in over 100k in income per year.

Releasing in late 2020.

Ananya is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and is currently working on her company, Biotechture; a big-data analytics and ag-tech consulting startup.

If you are interested in breaking into tech from a completely non-relevant field, “Break into Tech and set yourself up for 6 figures!” is another upcoming ebook where she lays down exact steps to leverage your background into getting tech projects, getting noticed by recruiters, and, cracking the tech interview!

Releasing in late 2020.

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