Healthy Ways to Deal with the Stress and Anxiety of Starting your Own Business

breakfast at a french bakery in washington dc

breakfast at a french bakery in washington dc

Running your own business is tough, but starting it might be a lot tougher for many people. Planning on a new business venture requires you to do a lot of research work, which will definitely keep you busy.  You would want to start your business on the right step and to do that you need to learn the ropes of your trade and be a few steps ahead of your competitors.

According to statistics, over 50 percent of small businesses fail in their first four years. Seven years ago, only three percent of the small businesses were said to have made it to their fifth year, while only four percent successfully made it to their second year. There are many factors that might have led to the failure of these small businesses so it will be counterproductive if you let yourself get affected by merely looking at the figures.

The business world is not for people with a faint of heart. It is meant for those who are output-driven, people with visions and people who are willing to take the risk over and over again, if necessary. But devising ways to manage your small business effectively can lead to stress and anxiety.

Here are some healthy ways you can do to make yourself acquainted in dealing with stresses from starting your own enterprise:

  1. Have a positive outlook. It is good to be one step ahead when dealing with problems. That’s why businessmen are advanced in their thinking and perceive possible problems and threats even before they happen. But worrying too much is not helpful and can lead to stress affecting your sound decision-making ability. Keep a positive outlook in life and know the market from time to time to keep you in control of the situation as much as possible. Each day, write down your daily goals and consider each box you ticked as a goal achieved and a small victory for the day.
  2. Keep your mind and body fit. When you start a business, you will be in for a long haul. It takes a long time to achieve success. But each day takes a long time to achieve. While there are small successes in your daily tasks and there will really be bad days, your mind and body should be ready to take them in. Begin your day by jogging around the block or do some yoga for several minutes and eating a hearty breakfast. Keeping fit will really take a few chunks of your time, but you need to consider investing time on yourself as a necessary part of succeeding in your business.  If you think drinking for stress relief is a good choice, think again.
  3. Learn how to prioritize. When starting your own business, you need to develop good organizational skills in order to effectively judge which of your daily tasks needed to be prioritized. Starting your own business will mean that it is mostly you who is doing the job – you do the planning, costing, analysis, and the daily errands. Twenty four hours a day will not be enough to do all the things you want. Learn to take each step at a time to keep you going.
  4. Learn to innovate. An article in the Harvard Business School website explained how organizations can succeed by learning how to look at failure as a way to improve business. This step is related to having a positive outlook. When you master this attitude, it will help you not just in starting your own business, but in dealing with business partners and clients as well as you grow your business.
  5. Learn to pause for a while. When almost everything about the new business is keeping you busy that you find it hard to think straight, pause for a moment and meditate. Meditation brings a lot of benefits to the mind and body. An article in Forbes online even discussed how it can benefit business people who mostly think they don’t have enough time to meditate. Allow yourself a 10 minutes break to help you combat stress and avoid burnout.
  6. Take some walks outside. If staying inside and meditating is not your cup of tea, take a short break and walk around the block. Go to the nearest park and walk around. Green spaces, according to a study, benefits mental health. When you are mentally and physically healthy, you can think clearer, and you can prepare better business strategies to steer your enterprise in the right direction.
  7. Sleep. Don’t think twice when you think you need sleep. Take a nap and sleep to help your body recharge. Sleep deprivation affects the immune system making you feel weak and sick. Meanwhile, better sleep improves memory and problem-solving skills which you need in expanding your business. So go ahead and doze off when you need to.

Regardless of any business venture, you need to remember that prioritizing your wellness is one important key in succeeding. Keeping a healthy mind and body should be among the strategies of businesspeople as it will help them stay in business for a longer time.


By Patrick Bailey


Patrick Bailey is a professional writer mainly in the fields of mental health, addiction, and living in recovery. He attempts to stay on top of the latest news in the addiction and the mental health world and enjoy writing about these topics to break the stigma associated with them.

The author can be contacted via e-mail or through his website.

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