The Gig Economy for Travellers

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The prospect of travelling the world is a prospect many of us relish, however, the cost of doing so can be prohibitive which is why it pays to think about how to earn money whilst travelling the world.


With the opportunities offered by the digital revolution, this has led to a paradigm shift in the way we work, particularly when travelling.  Once upon a time, you would have to save and save for a few years – whereas, today, you can work remotely for a company based in your home country and continue to get paid as a regular employee… the only difference, is that you’re likely to be working from a coffee shop or hammock rather than a bland office.


Within this article, the term “traveller” relates to someone embarking on a long trip, for instance, a gap year.  Now, the most fundamental resource you’re going to need in your pursuit of a phenomenal travel adventure is money – and whilst it is wise to ensure you do have some savings to fall back on, there are ways, today, that you can travel whilst working on the road – meaning, you don’t need to put off your plans.


This article looks at a number of opportunities that work well for travellers wanting to embrace the shift toward the gig economy.


The majority of suggestions for working whilst travelling, today, are based online, as this means you can work remotely from anywhere in the world presuming you have a laptop and an internet connection.


Yet there are some jobs you can undertake at the location you’re travelling in, for instance, you can make a fair amount of money and keep fit with civil labour hire particularly if you’re travelling in an affluent country such as Australia.  


Of course, you might not fancy this as an opportunity so much in developing countries where you would be paid VERY little for undertaking such work, which is why the majority of people prefer remote opportunities that pay in their home currency at competitive rates.  The main benefit of this, is that if you are travelling to a cheaper country than where you live, you can live very well, even if in your hometown the pay wouldn’t be that spectacular – because your cost of living is much less.


It’s best to prepare a little in advance, if you’re thinking of leveraging platforms such as Fiverr and Freelancer as you will want to build up your reputation within the community so that employers feel more attracted to your offering.  It’s therefore a good idea to start off making very low bids, in order to get the work, so that you can build up your reputation – and then charge much more for your time.


In summary, the gig economy is perfect for those looking to travel long term whilst making an income in order to fund their travels.  Today, we are not limited to having to work in a job for several months, saving up, prior to travelling. Indeed, within the space of a month you could set yourself up with some reliable freelance work and set out on your adventure, safe in the knowledge that you can fund your lifestyle.


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