Don’t Let Your Road Trip Spin Out Of Control

The road trip is one of the most liberating travel experiences you’re ever likely to find. Being entirely in control of your own trip, finding those unique little stops that you might otherwise miss, and the feeling of adventure can make it a lifelong habit. However, where there’s a car, there’s a risk of being stuck at the side of the road with nowhere to go. Here, we’re going to look at the essential prep work you need to do to keep your road trip rolling along smoothly.


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A car health check is essential
A long journey in your car involves a lot of driving. A lot of driving means a lot of wear and tear. If you haven’t ensured your car is able to take that kind of punishment without too much damage, then you might be in for a nasty surprise. Before you set off, it’s essential that you take the vehicle in for a servicing. You can perform plenty of DIY checks yourself, as well. At the very least, you need to check your fluids such as engine oil, transmission fuel, and coolant, see that the battery isn’t cracked or leaking, and measure the tire pressure. If you skip on the car maintenance, you can bet it will come back to bite you in the rear later.

Keep your phone charged
Even if your car is in great health, you should be ready for the possibility that something will go wrong. If you break down on the side of the road or even find yourself involved in a collision, being able to handle it as soon as possible can help mitigate the damage. A big part of that is knowing who to call. Store the numbers of nearby repair shops and tow trucks if you break down. If you get into an accident, make sure you call the emergency services first as neglecting to do that can result in legal trouble. Call a lawyer next if you’re the victim and you don’t intend on paying for someone else’s mistakes. Finally, you have to notify your insurance provider, even if the accident isn’t your fault. Keep your phone charged as much as possible when on the road, whether that means stocking a spare or bringing a portable charger.

Don’t forget the emergency kit
You should also have the resources in the trunk of the car to help deal with some of those unfortunate situations. This should include a basis repair kit like a spare tire, jack, and a pair of jumper cables. High visibility cones can help surround your car and make other drivers aware of it, so they can give it a wide berth. Then you need to consider the essentials for keeping you safe, like warm blankets and some emergency food if you’re kept out there waiting for some time. Create a checklist to ensure you pack everything you need before you set off.

Don’t underestimate the potential for your road trip to hit a few bumps along the way. However, by doing your best to both prevent and anticipate them, you can get back on the road or at least ensure you don’t have a worst-case scenario kind of ending.

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