How to Turn Your Garden into an Outdoor Room

Image Credit: Unsplash


The humble garden is often a neglected patch of yellowing lawn and yet it has the potential to be a real lap of luxury. When you are outdoors, the rules for creating something calming and beautiful are much the same as they are inside but you have so much more freedom.

If you are looking out of your window now and you aren’t happy with what you see, here is what you need to do.


One of the most common garden frustrations is not having a level area to play with. Whether you are on a hill or the ground has just sunk in some areas, having an unlevel garden can make creating a decent design more difficult. If you want just a single level, dig to that depth, or if you are on a hill, create steps like a paddy field instead.

Solving this make take some bravery but you can hire all the equipment you need including diggers and disposal vehicles at Dig down until you have a level ground and then rake the soil over and leave it. Then use a roller to tamp it down and rake it again. This will allow air pockets to escape and give you the flat earth you need.

Mixed Materials

Now that you have your levels in place, you need to fix them. Stones are a good way to do this as they will create a strong retaining wall and won’t budge once set. For shallower levels, you could also try using planks of wood fixed together and secured into the ground. Luxury in a garden is all about the right mixture of materials and surprisingly, concrete can have a magnificent effect if it is poured well, smoothed down and beautifully coloured.

Water is another essential for any garden and you have lots of choices for incorporating it. You could, for example, try creating a stream leading down the levels or go for a simple and elegant water feature instead. Whatever you do, make sure that the water is moving so that you don’t end up with a slimy pond of insects!


Finally, plants are indeed the distinguishing feature in this room and they can be used in all kinds of different ways. Try to get a variety of heights to draw the eye upwards as well as around the space. You should also think carefully about the color scheme you are going for and stick to your theme.

Try to use your plants to create zones in the garden so that you are inclined to walk around it and through it, rather than just look out of the window. Think of this as creating a journey rather than a scene. Use stepping stones to create paths in lawns and create hidden areas using long grass, which will rustle appealingly in the breeze.

Though so many gardens are abused and neglected, yours can quite easily become a paradise for sitting out and enjoying the sunshine.

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