7 Weekend Rituals You Must Follow to Make the Week Ahead Super Easy


The pattern of my weekdays have been in constant flux as I transitioned from grad school to working days. Earlier, as a graduate student my weekdays started super early with me getting to lab or work at 7 am. I used to squeeze in a nap in the afternoon and then proceeded to the library for assignments and group study followed by graduate classes all evening. I added in my blog/business related tasks in the mix.

Now, my days start somewhat later and I work things late into the night. This has changed my lifestyle a bit but I still prefer to use the planning methods I used as a graduate student to succeed in academics, work, business and life in general.

It might be super difficult sometimes to strike the right work-life balance and this might leave you feeling dejected or down in general.ย Planning out your day, week and month is a great way of cutting out the noise and finding time for work, commitments, friends, play and travel.

Unless I am going to be off for a long weekend break with boyfriend and friends in which case I plan my week ahead on Thursday or Friday nights, I regularly plan my week ahead on Saturdays.

Here are a few things I do to make sure the week progresses as smoothly as possible.

  1. Get time off for yourself to unwind and reflect and plan

Though I might sleep in on Saturdays, I usually start off with a cup of matcha or green tea while going over my planner and my daily and weekly to-dos. I immediately get on to work with a list for groceries and head out once I have had a few bites of leftovers from last night. Or I simply set up the laundry to get the regular stuff and the sheets washed.

  1. Buy groceries and have the refrigerator organized

While getting groceries, I always budget for stuff that I might pick up on a whim. Since I do it on a regular basis, I am pretty much aware of where I tend to venture into. Once home, I organize my purchases immediately and stack up the refrigerator and the pantry in the sequence I will be using the stuff. This helps save time and effort during the week.

  1. Organize work desk and paper work

Once I have the groceries brought in and put away, I get on with organizing my desk and figure out the paperwork to be done and go over my bills and accounts. By this time I need a fuel of coffee and donuts. This is something I like to indulge in and I figured Saturdays are the perfect balance of both working and treating yourself.

  1. Get work outfits in order

Once I have figured out the paperwork and administrative tasks that need to be done and the meetings that need to be set up with my team over the course of the week, I do not get to work on them immediately. Instead, at this point, I get to reorganizing my wardrobe and getting my workwear for the following week in order. I like a capsule wardrobe and I prefer classic pieces. This saves me time and helps me keep my life organized without having to worry about organising a lot of stuff.

  1. Get paperwork in order

Once I have the simpler but essential aspects of the upcoming workweek in order, I get on with my paperwork during early afternoon and continue with this task for the next few hours. Then I might take a break for a workout and a long shower and get back to it later in the evening before commencing the plans for the evening. I might also take sometime off to cook a favorite dish for the weekend.

  1. Take care of your body and mind by getting a proper intense workout

Once, done with some of the paperwork and administrative tasks, I head over to the gym and sweat it out to some of my favourite music. I may not find enough time to get regular intense workouts during the week so working out during weekends is super important for me. This helps clear up the mind and gears the body up for the coming week.

  1. Pamper your skin and take a proper shower

Following the workout, I love to take a long shower. I love to pamper my skin with home make skin conditioning and toning packs (I will share more about these in another post, so stay tuned ๐Ÿ˜‰) followed by a long shower and fixing my hair for the weekend socializing. This also helps with the late night outs on Saturdays and take incredible pictures ๐Ÿ˜‰)

I usually prefer going out for dinner / date night or movie.ย Or go club hopping with good friends. We usually get back home very late on Saturday nights and sleep in the next morning. Quintessentially, Sundays are the day to go brunching with the girlfriends and maybe catch a movie or go for a hike. This is usually followed by getting done with left-over paperwork or working on my business and collaborating with my tiny team. If need be, I also try and get some work or research done to get a head start for Monday so I donโ€™t feel overwhelmed thinking about work. This helps avoid the Monday morning blues.

Your day might start super early on a Monday or may start pretty late. Or it might not start till Monday evening based on the job you work. Tell us how you plan for your week or how would your ideal plan look like! ๐Ÿ™‚

Author: Anya

Founder at The TechGirl Journal & The IDEA Bucket ; Anya lives in California while working in the field of Computational Genomics. TechGirl Journal is focussed on the lifestyle of a girl in STEM and tips on how to build a business and a career in tech with a focus on skill-development, interviews, internship, personal projects, and pet-peeves! The IDEA Bucket is focused on small business ventures and practical, urban lifestyles. For specific inquiries, you can e-mail: hello@techgirljournal.com

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