3 Safe Investments To Help You Save For The Future

When you’re investing money there’s always the fear of recession. Even if you’re investing in a company that has seen steady value increases for years, that could all go south if a recession hits and those stocks drop suddenly. If you want to make sure that you secure your family’s financial future, you need to invest in industries that are recession proof. There are certain things that people always need to spend money on, regardless of whether they’re in a difficult financial situation. These are the industries that are safe during a recession and may even see an increase in stock value.



Food Industry


People are always going to buy food, that’s a given. That means that you’ll always be fairly safe if you’re investing in food production or distribution companies, however, not all of them will weather the storm during a recession. When times are hard, people aren’t going to be spending as much on luxury food items so if you’re investing in those products, you aren’t as safe. It’s also not sensible to invest in restaurants because people are going to cut back on eating out during a financial downturn. However, if you’re investing in the basic food production companies like fruits and vegetables etc. you shouldn’t see too much of a decrease in the stock prices. Food hygiene companies are also another good area to invest in because regulations about food safety will always be there and if companies want to carry on trading, they have to adhere to them.


Waste Management


People always need to get rid of waste, regardless of the financial situation. When people are making cutbacks elsewhere, they can’t afford to spend less on waste management, especially companies that have to follow the hygiene rules that we discussed earlier. That’s why investing in waste management stock is always sensible. You might see a small dip if companies are trading less and therefore producing less waste but it shouldn’t be significant enough that you’ll see a loss. You’re also likely to see general increases in stock as society puts more focus on recycling and handling waste in more responsible ways because that means more work for waste management companies.


Health Care


Health Care is an industry that often sees an increase in stock price during a recession. The stress of financial hardship can often affect people’s health which means that health companies that sell medication etc. are seeing an increase in business. The aging population is also something to consider because, with people living longer, there are more people that need constant health care so the companies that are providing the health service with equipment and resources are fairly safe. If you’re looking for specific areas to invest in, the companies that are doing research into new technologies and new treatments that are likely to be adopted by the health service are always going to make good money.


Investing can be a dangerous game, especially in the face of a global financial crisis, but if you invest in these areas you should be safe.  

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