3 Things We All Take for Granted

We live in such a disposable society. We buy a new outfit for one event. If we’re shopping and we spill something, we’ll buy a new t-shirt instead of trying to clean it. We get a new phone every time our contracts expire, and instead of playing video games over and over again, as we would have 20 years ago, we play until the games end, then await the next in the series. We throw away broken items instead of trying to fix them, and generally, things are no longer built to last. But, we also take things for granted. We assume that we’ll always be able to get that next game and that there will still be options available to us when we need something. Here’s a look at three things we all take for granted, which may not always be around.





Water is probably the number one thing we all take for granted every day. Have you ever even considered life without water? Probably not, we use it without thought. It’s there; it comes out of the tap, we use it all of the time and expect that we always will.


However, not everyone has an unlimited supply. In fact, people all over the world are struggling through life, without a safe and unlimited water supply. Read this article on Michael Burry water investment to find out more, but over 80% of all of the illnesses and deaths in the developing world are due to a poor water supply. Water is something we are lucky to have, something that we need to find ways to stop wasting and something we cannot take for granted.


Wireless Internet



10 Years ago, many people were just starting to get wireless internet. 20 years ago, we were sat waiting for dial-up to connect and 30 years ago, normal homes didn’t even know about the internet. Now, we’re online all of the time. Wherever we are, we can connect to a wireless source, our home appliances are all connected to the internet, and our children can’t believe there was ever a time when we weren’t online. It’s amazing how fast wireless internet has become a normal part of our day to day lives, and how we struggle to live without it. Try to have a day off occasionally, to remind yourself of how much wireless internet has changed your life.





Unless you’ve had a severe illness, you are probably guilty of taking your health for granted. Of thinking that you will always be healthy, or not really giving it much thought at all. But, illness and injury can affect any of us at any time. You never know what is around the corner, or how long you’ve got left. So, instead of taking your health for granted, find ways to give it a boost and help it along. Simple lifestyle changes, such as eating well, exercising and getting plenty of rest. As well as performing regular health checks and seeing the doctor whenever you need to, can be all it takes to keep you in good health for longer.

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