5 Reasons it’s Smart to Buy a Ready to Occupy Property!


Mr. Upadhyay was in a fix. Throughout his illustrious career as a metallurgist, he had bought a few real estate properties. He liked to consider himself a stalwart in matters related to property purchases.

His strategy was quite simple. He would go for builders who had earned themselves a name through their real estate projects or from a corporate stronghold. For him, this strategy was unshakable, his endeavours producing stable and average returns each year.

However, one such endeavour proved to be his undoing. Convinced that his process was unsinkable and that brand value was paramount, he entered into a project armed with the spectacular brochure and a lot of his hard-earned money.

2 years after entering into the project with 2 apartments booked, something did not feel right! The glorious promises skillfully laid out in the brochure seemed to disappear one after the other. Soon, the looming deadline was reached…months rolled over into years. Mr. Upadhyay sat with the agreement of sale with the section that offered compensation for the delay. He wrote letters. There was no response.

After years of holding firm on his ideas, Mr.Upadhyay, at last started doubting his strategies. But it was already too late. Too much of his money went into the project, and he could not exit without incurring heavy losses. Distraught, he went over the agreement in detail. Nothing seemed to match up. Nothing of what was agreed upon was delivered while he paid through his nose at every step, starting with the saleable and livable area, project delays, issues with construction, workmanship, and material, and reduced open spaces.

These are some of the problems that plaque the hapless buyer when they invest in a home, more specifically one under construction.


Here are the 5 reasons why investing in a ready to occupy home is worth the shot!

  1. No Fake Promises

You get what you pay for. Rather than having to cough up large sums of money for a property that looks very different from what was promised, a ready to occupy home may even pale the dream house you had envisioned. Casagrand has a variety of beautiful and well-constructed offerings for the discerning buyer to choose from. Right from luxurious villas to lifestyle apartments and bachelor pads, their ready to move, real estate offerings are beautifully structured and impeccably planned.

  1. You dont pay rent as well as EMI for a product you are not using

Buying a ready to move in property like the ones from Casagrand will enable you to move in right away and enjoy all the amenities they have to offer. You will not be paying rent as well as EMI that you would have to if you are waiting for your apartment to be constructed.


Casagrand’s Courtyard in Perungudi

  1. You own the final product (and with it reap all the benefits of a homeowner)

No surprises here! You will pay for and get the product as is. With facilities, amenities of Casagrand like lavish living spaces, state of the art construction, unique community living and tasteful landscaping, luxurious Italian marble floors and high-end fittings, you can be a proud homeowner since day one and not have to wait months and years for your property!

Casagrand Pallagio Interiors

  1. Immediate Tax Savings

You get to reap the benefits of tax savings immediately. Under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, you can save up to INR 1 lac on principal paid on your real estate purchase or up to INR 1.5 lac if it’s your first property. This deduction is only allowed on completed units and not the ones under construction.

  1. Immediate rental potential

With great amenities and located in a good neighborhood, Casagrand can be an ideal investment property as well. You can start earning your ROI as soon as you have purchased the unit you like!

The Address from Casagrand

As the real estate sector has been affected to a great degree in the past one year, one has to enter into this field carefully and strategically. Educating oneself on these various aspects can save a ton of money, time and other resources and provide some respite and peace to the buyer (be a first time home owner or a seasoned buyer).

Check out Casagrand’s ready to occupy homes and become a proud homeowner of a lavish villa or a swanky apartment, all armed with fabulous amenities and state-of-the-art construction and design!