Importance of Good Ventilation in a Commercial Space for Effective Heating and Cooling


Like a river or stream needing free flowing water to keep things fresh your office needs good air flow. Just like the water in a stream, if you let it sit and stagnate it will become stale, unhealthy and a breeding ground for bad bacteria. Proper airflow through your office help maintain the health and mental well-being of your workers, while keeping any customers and guest happy and comfortable. Good ventilation also places a huge role in the effective heating and cooling of your building. When combined, commercial air conditioners and good ventilation can provide a happy and healthy working environment for everyone.

Check out some of the benefits of good ventilation including healthier air, less maintenance issues and efficient heating and cooling. You’ll have a happy and healthy building that will cost you less and can be effectively heated and cooled for years to come.


Healthier Air, Less Maintenance & Quality Air Conditioning

Indoor air quality is far and away the best benefit provided by good airflow inside your building. Commercial spaces such as your office are hotspots for harmful airborne chemicals that can negatively affect your health. These chemicals are caused by a variety of common materials and substances found in commercial spaces. Think things like paint, photocopy machines, cleaning supplies and other chemicals. This harmful build-up of chemicals can only be removed from your building by an open window or a ventilation system.  There is no other way to get rid of them.

Opening windows in a commercial building is not always an option. More modern buildings don’t even have windows that can open so your out of luck either way. The only sure-fire way to ensure good, clean and healthy air for your commercial building is with a well-designed ventilation system that works in tandem with your commercial air conditioners. This system needs to draw the stagnant air out from all corners of the building and push it outside. This air needs to then be replaced with an equal amount of fresh air from outside. Stagnant air and the symptoms of it are the main cause of a sick workforce. Proper ventilation and airflow will ensure everyone is happy and healthy going forward getting your business productive and profitable.

It isn’t only your staff, workers and customers that suffer the effects of bad ventilation. The building itself can suffer damage. Bad airflow increases air humidity and moisture. This can encourage the growth of mold which can be potentially damaging to the wood, drywall and carpeting throughout your building. This will save you money on maintenance going forward as your building will stay fresh, clean and free of mold.

Keeping your buildings humidity levels in check will also help reduce your energy bill. Humidity helps regulate temperature, so if this is out of whack, the temperature will be also meaning you’ll have to use your commercial air conditioners to balance it out. Having the correct humidity levels will allow you to rely less on your commercial air conditioners resulting in lower costs going forward.

There are many ways to increase the ventilation and airflow through your commercial space and as you can see from this article it is something you want to go ahead and do as quickly as possible. If you need help implementing good ventilation in your office or commercial space head over to and speak to the team. You’ll have a healthy building and happy staff in no time.



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