House, Unit or Renting: How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner


Everyone deserves to have quality air conditioning in their home, no matter what their situation is. Whether it’s cooling down during that summer heat wave or staving off that chill during a winter cold snap, home air conditioners can save you a lot if pain and hassle keeping you comfortable through every season. Choosing the right air conditioner can be tricky as you’ll need your system to be compatible with your living situation. If you own a free-standing home, then your quality air conditioning options are quite broad with your best bet being split system air conditioners. For those renting their home this may not be an option as they don’t have permission to make alterations. In this case portable home air conditioners could be the answer. Somewhere in-between? A wall or window unit should do the trick.

There are home air conditioners for every living situation. In this article we will go through your options, so you can make an educated decision on how to cool or heat your home in the coming seasons.


Owning a House

If you own your own home, then you have the most options available to in you in terms of quality air conditioning. This could be a free-standing family home or an inner suburb townhouse. Anything where you own the structure of the building, so excluding things like units or apartments.

The best option we recommend for those that own their own is to consider split system air conditioners. These are the most effective and cost-efficient home air conditioners on the market and will provide the biggest benefit to you and your family. Split systems air conditioners are ideal for cooling large areas of your home such as your lounge or dining room. They are also effective for cooling multiple rooms by combining units, so you can cool or heat your bedroom as well as your common areas.

Split systems air conditioners are made up of two units. One unit is placed outside and is responsible for cooling or heating of the air and is considered the heart of the system. The other unit is placed inside usually high up on the wall of the room you need air conditioned. This section controls the air flow and expels the conditioned air into your room. This part could be considered the brain. The inside and outside units must be connected by pipes, so air can be delivered to your room. This requires installation by a professional and includes alterations to your property. Therefore, you must own your property before installing split system air conditioning.


Owning a Unit

If you own your own unit or apartment, then the best bet for you is the window or wall mounted style of home air conditioners. These home air conditioners are ideally suited to smaller homes such as apartments or units as they don’t require a full-on installation like a split system unit. This is because window or wall unit are only comprised of one piece. This one central unit controls all aspects of the air conditioning. They are generally mounted in an external window or wall with one end condensing the air externally and the other end blowing out conditioned air internally.

While not as efficient as split system air conditioners, a window or wall unit is perfect for a unit or apartment. The cost to install is minimal as all you need is a singular hole in a window or wall to install the unit and your good to go.


Renting Your Home

Finally, we have the renters who only really have one option available to them when it comes to home air conditioners. This option is the portable air conditioner. Just like the name says this is a portable air conditioning unit that you plug into the wall and works as a watered-down version of the window/wall variant.

They are the least efficient of the 3 types of home air conditioners we have mentioned but by no means are they worthless. They are still effective at heating or cooling a single room such as your bedroom or study. Just don’t leave them running 24/7 as they can be quite power hungry and result in a large energy bill.


As you can see you have 3 main options for home air conditioners no matter what your current living situation is. Own a free-standing home? Go for a split system. Own an apartment or unit? Try a window or wall unit. Renting for the time being? Consider buying a portable air conditioning unit. If you need help with choosing home air conditioners check out and speak to the team. Good luck.


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