Corporate Marquee: Buying over Hiring


Corporate marquees are the perfect solution if you are looking to host an event. Not only are they the ideal solution, they are also extremely cost effective. If you have an upcoming corporate event, then it pays to seriously consider corporate marquees and all the things they can offer. The use of marquees goes far beyond just shelter from the elements, with the rise of customized gazebos and branded marquees meaning they are just as much an advertising tool as a cover from the rain. Even if your event is indoors, a small printed marquee can be an effective way to get in front of potential customers faces. It for these reasons, and more ahead, that it is recommend buying your marquee over hiring, especially for corporate events.

IF you need a cost-effective way to keep your guests sheltered from the elements or the forecast looks a bit dire, buy your corporate marquee. Have a large open space to fill, that would be perfect to advertise your brand, buy your corporate marquee. Have a full schedule of events, both corporate and personal, coming up? Buy your printed marquee. Marquees are available in all sorts of different sizes, styles and materials that can fit almost any budget or special requirement. Read on and become convinced that purchasing a corporate marquee for your next event is a smarter option than hiring.


Why hire when you can buy for less?

The first and foremost question when choosing to buy or hire your corporate marquee is price. Many people are now choosing to buy their corporate marquee rather than hire, and for good reason. Because of competitive pricing enforced by the marquee industry it is often a lot cheaper to buy rather than hire. When people hire a marquee they generally come into unforeseen hidden cost such as having to pay for it to be set up and taken down. There is also the issue of it being transported to and from the site. Adding all this, plus the hiring cost, can equal a huge cost, especially when you’re not expecting it. These often-overlooked costs ensure that they grossly underestimate the cost of hiring a corporate marquee. Make sure you consider the cost as all things like the company bringing the corporate marquee to you, setting it up for you, taking it down, insurance, fuel, admin fees, it can add up in the blink of an eye.

When you purchase a corporate marquee, all your costs are laid out before you. You know the final price of the product you are purchasing. Delivery is organised then and there so will be at your desired location whenever it is needed. Because you own the marquee, setup and dismantling can be handled by you and your team saving you money on these unnecessary costs. There are also all the insurance, admin and fuel fees you won’t have to pay because the corporate marquee is yours. The major selling point of buying over hiring lies in the fact that you can use it multiple times. Pay for it once and use it again and again and again.


There will always be a time and a place for corporate marquee hire. Sometime purchasing is just not feasible, and a quick hire will do the job you need. But if can accommodate it and want to save big bucks on your corporate marquee then buying is the way to go. Hopefully these tips convince you that buying a printed marquee is more cost effective than hiring. If you’re ready for the next step head over to and they’ll be able to help you out. Happy buying!

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